Sergei Sobyanin on Moscow’s public transport: Electric buses, trams and MCC

October 21

Moscow has been developing its public transport system in a comprehensive manner, which implies modernising its road infrastructure, replacing rolling stock, and introducing new types of public transport, Sergei Sobyanin said in an interview with TASS agency.

“The number of private cars out on the roads in the centre has dwindled, the number of taxis has increased and the number of people using the public transport has sharply risen,” the Moscow Mayor said.

At the same time, increasing the number of routes and frequency of transport has made it possible to lower passenger density on the metro, as well as on buses and trams. The city is doing its best to provide the public transport system with everything it needs.

“We are creating an infrastructure so that there are places where electric cars can be charged and get free parking,” Sergei Sobyanin said.

According to Mr Sobyanin, Moscow has been proactive in expanding its electric transport system. Some cases in point, he said, are the MCD and the MCC. Trams have been streamlined as well; now it is a modern and highly popular type of transport. There are also electric buses on the roads.

“Compared with other cities in the world, Moscow has the biggest fleet of electric buses and these are not just vehicles dating back to the last century. Their design is based on the finest and most advanced technology that is not inferior to some of the best international examples,” he pointed out. 

Next year, he stressed, Moscow will start replacing its standard bus fleet and will cease buying diesel vehicles. It is expected that by 2030 only electric buses will be used.

However, Moscow is also focusing on other major projects unrelated to transport.

“Our main job for the next few years is to complete or make as much headway as possible on the megaprojects we have launched. I’m referring to the motorways two-thirds of which are ready and Moscow’s Big Circle Line, which is also at an advanced stage,” he stressed.

My District project work is ongoing as well as that of the city's social infrastructure, education and healthcare systems.  


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