Sergei Sobyanin: Moscow’s doctors and teachers will be first in line for COVID-19 vaccination

December 4, 2020

The city is now streamlining an all-out COVID-19 vaccination programme. Educators, medical personnel and utility workers can make online vaccination appointments starting 4 December.

“President of Russia Vladimir Putin has instructed us to launch a COVID-19 mass vaccination programme next week. People in high-risk groups should be vaccinated first. The city has established the entire technological and organisational vaccination chain. We have selected specialised warehouses, and prepared refrigerators and freezers for vaccine shipments. Vaccination centres have medical refrigerators, and their personnel have completed special training courses,” Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin wrote in his blog.

Large vaccine shipments are to arrive in the next few weeks, and the list of applicants will expand.

The Gamaleya National Epidemiology Research Centre commissioned a COVID-19 vaccine study in Moscow. Over 20,000 volunteers got the jab, and all of them are feeling well, with no serious complications.

The 2021 draft city budget designates 10 billion roubles for vaccinating Muscovites against the coronavirus free of charge.

Vaccination is the most effective and safest method to prevent infectious diseases.


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