Sergei Sobyanin: Moscow will start producing 27 life-saving drugs non-manufactured in Russia

March 16

Capital hospitals will receive first batches of cancer drugs produced by new plant in Zelenograd in March - April 2021. Sergei Sobyanin advised thereof in his blog.

Production at the Alabushevo site of the Technopolis Moscow special economic zone was established by BIOCAD CJSC under an offset contract with the Moscow Government entered into in 2017.

“Moscow hospitals will receive first batches of medicines in March - April. By the end of 2027, the company will supply the city with about 40 kinds of medicines,” Sergei Sobyanin wrote. “Private investments in the project will amount to three billion rubles”.

Offset contracts allow investors creating new productions in exchange for guaranteed product part purchases for city needs. “We have already signed five offset contracts for producing drugs, medical devices and baby food for dairy kitchen. Investors will contribute 12.9 billion rubles in creating new production facilities. The total procurement volume under five contracts will amount to 73 billion rubles over 10 years. If the city bought these products on the market, it would have to spend about 20 percent more,” Moscow Mayor noted.

BIOCAD pharmaceutical company created under the first offset contract was commissioned in the Autumn of 2020. A new campus for R-Opra (R-Pharm GC), with which the Moscow Government entered into the second offset contract in 2018, is being built these days in Alabushevo. It is planned that 12 lines will produce 31 medicines for treatment and prevention of endocrine, oncology and cardiac diseases.

“27 from 53 of drugs, as will be produced by new plant, are not produced in our country today at all,” Sergei Sobyanin clarified.

The third offset contract on the delivery medical devices for ostomy patient was entered into with Gemamed in 2019. The enterprise was opened at the Moscow Technopolis site in Pechatniki. Pilot deliveries will begin in few months. If testing is successful, serial deliveries will become the next step.

In 2020, capital city authorities entered into an offset contract with Wimm-Bill-Dann, the largest producer of baby food. “The company will create new production lines for releasing 38 types of products: milk, juices, fruit, vegetable, meat and meat-vegetable purees, porridges, cottage cheeses, kefir, acidified milk and powdered formulas — for Moscow dairy kitchens. The production will be arranged on the basis of Lianozovskiy dairy plant,” Sergei Sobyanin reminded.

The fifth offset contract was entered into in February 2021. During two years, Moscow Endocrine Plant will localize production of 20 essential drugs under it - anti-glaucoma, antibacterial, analgesic drugs, antidepressants and neuroleptics.

In future, Moscow plans signing offset contracts in such industries as transport engineering, producing equipment for the public utilities sector, and IT equipment. “The city will need such products at all times, it is profitable to produce domestically and buy it at fixed prices, without overpaying to third-party suppliers. And even when contracts expire, new plants will stay in Moscow anyway, and so jobs, technologies and taxes going into the city budget will do,” Sergei Sobyanin noted.

At the same time, the mass conclusion of such contracts is impossible, the city will continue to buy most of goods necessary in public tenders.


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