Sergei Sobyanin: Metro within walking distance for a million of Moscow residents

June 14

Metro network extension has allowed to make the life of Moscow residents more comfortable, unload traffic and increase the number of public transport passengers. Sergei Sobyanin told about it live on TV Tsentr.

"About a million Moscow citizens have received new stations of metro and MCC within walking distance. The number of citizens who use public surface transport and the metro has also been increasing annually," he added.

Remote Moscow areas enjoy the advantages of new metro stations to the fullest extent. For example, in the southeast, where the first section of Nekrasovskaya Line was opened on 3 June. "The district has a very complicated transport accessibility situation. But with these new trains, these luxury stations built things are much easier now. But, unfortunately, this is only the first part, as there is an interchange to Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya branch, which is already overcrowded. Therefore, it is very important to continue building, to put into operation another four or five stations in Aviamotornaya station direction," said Moscow Mayor.

The second 11.7 km long section of Nekrasovskaya  Line, that is Aviamotornaya — Kosino section, is in the final stage of construction now. It will have five stations, including those providing interchange to the Big Circle Line and the Moscow Central Circle.

Stakhanovskaya Station. Design solution

First of all, Nekrasovka residents will have an opportunity to travel almost to the Moscow centre and unload  Tagansky radius by 25 percent. In general, this branch will improve the transport situation for 800,000 citizens, as it will relieve the existing lines and provide district residents, who have not had a metro before, with metro stations within a walking distance and will relieve the traffic in this direction."

Besides, new metro stations are to open in Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas in the coming weeks. It is about the extension of Sokolniki branch towards Kommunarka station. "Hundreds of thousands of people reside in Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas. Today, they go either to Salaryevo station and leave their cars there, or transfer from buses, but it is not always convenient. This line is to have several stations at once, and people will not have to go to the centre, they will be able to leave their cars or change from the bus to the metro," said Moscow Mayor.

A road network will be developed around new stations to provide a comfortable entrance and pedestrian access for residents.

Filatov Lug station

A new section of Sokolnicheskaya Line includes four stations, such as Filatov Lug, Prokshino, Olkhovaya and Kommunarka. With metro opening, residents will be able to save on metro trips up to an hour a day. In addition, the load on Salaryevo station will be reduced by about 14 percent, on Tyoply Stan and Rasskazovka stations it will reduce by 22 percent, and on Buninskaya Alleya the overcrowding is to reduce by 15 percent.

It is expected to extend the Red Line to Potapovo metro station (operating name Novomoskovskaya), which is being built in Sosenskoye settlement at the intersection of Solntsevo — Butovo — Varshavskoye Motorway with Aleksandry Monakhovoy Street.


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