Sergei Sobyanin: Memories of the heroic deeds of veterans help the modern generation to become stronger

May 9
Social sector

Sergei Sobyanin congratulated the veterans and residents of the capital on Victory Day.

“We are 76 years away from 9 May, 1945. A whole life given to us by front-line soldiers and home front workers. Three generations of Muscovites have grown up over these decades. Today the great-grandchildren of the Victory soldiers go to school. And yet every year, when this long-awaited holiday comes, we are overwhelmed by special feelings,” said the Moscow Mayor.

He said that it is almost impossible for those born in peacetime to imagine what people felt during the war years. But the memories of their heroic deeds help those who live today to become stronger.

“I heartily wish our dear war veterans and home front workers health and longevity! May every day you live be warmed with love and attention of your friends and families! Happy holiday, friends! Happy Victory Day! " Sergei Sobyanin said.

For the holiday, the project "Word of the Soldier of Victory" was launched in Moscow. The memoirs of the Great Patriotic War veterans who now live in the capital are collected on its pages. Here you can read their biography, see photos and videos. Veterans describe how they got to the front, where they fought and met Victory, what they did after it. Letters of the war years, poems of veterans, articles and books about the war have been published by permission of the authors.

Another special project of the portal is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Moscow. It tells about the historical facts of the battle and shows archival materials. Here you can find out interesting details about the life of people during the war, as well as about what the city was like in 1941-1942.


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