Sergei Sobyanin: Festival activity increases tourist flow

July 9

Earlier, Moscow had only three or four festival venues, but today festive events are held throughout the city, as Sergei Sobyanin told live on Russia 1, Russia 24 and Moskva 24 TV Channels.

"Many district venues are becoming as popular as the central ones. It is very important to distribute these quality activities among different areas," Moscow Mayor said.

According to him, all major festivals such as Journey to Christmas, Moscow Spring a Cappella or Times & Epochs are international in their nature, as they involve participants from dozens of countries, from almost all major European cities. These events are very popular among foreign tourists.

"Travel agencies schedule their events taking into account these festivals. We have a flow of tourists directly related to our festival activity. The more interesting and bigger the festival, the more tourists it attracts from other cities of Russia and from abroad," said Sergei Sobyanin.

According to Moscow Mayor, last year's FIFA World Cup rediscovered Moscow and Russia for foreigners and provided a long-term effect.

Sergei Sobyanin also recalled that at the end of June, Flower Jam landscape design festival launched in Moscow. This year, it will last throughout the summer, with its major events held on the City Day, when the festivities will cover the maximum number of venues.

Moscow is one of the most eventful cultural venues in the world. Daily, Moscow hosts more than 270 major events. Annually, it holds 80,000 performances, 30,000 concerts, 20,000 campaigns, 1,700 exhibitions, 600 tours of on-stage performance groups, 300 flash mobs and 150 festivals.

In 2018, 65.8 million Muscovites and tourists attended cultural programmes and Moscow Seasons events.


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