Sergei Sobyanin: During the year of work, the doctors of the hospital in Voronovsky cured more than 12.5 thousand Muscovites

April 21

Today, April 20, marks exactly one year since the first patients were received by the Moscow Clinical Center for Infectious Diseases ‘Voronovskoe’.

"The new clinic built in just a month has helped a lot in the fight against the pandemic. Especially in the spring of last year when the city hospitals were working with a huge load. After a year of work, doctors and nurses of the ‘Voronovsky’ saved the lives and regained health of more than 12.5 thousand Muscovites who fell ill with COVID. The oldest patient was 95 years old. Only the doctors themselves know how much effort it cost," Sergei Sobyanin wrote in his blog.

The admission department, medical, diagnostic, operating and resuscitation units of the clinic are equipped with the most modern medical equipment. The hospital can accommodate up to 800 patients. Each bed can be transformed into an intensive care bed within a day. Over the past year, patients received about three thousand tons of oxygen and 150 liters of blood plasma.

In the diagnostic unit, more than 17 thousand CT studies were performed, and 3.2 million studies were conducted in the laboratory of the center including 187 thousand of PCR tests. In addition, there is a simulation center where doctors are trained in the skills of treating patients with COVID-19. More than 400 doctors have been trained.

The clinical center has dormitories, because it is located far from the Moscow Ring Road and most doctors work here on a shift basis.

Sergei Sobyanin is confident that when the pandemic is defeated, the Clinical Center ‘Voronovskoye’ will become an ordinary infectious diseases hospital, and doctors and nurses will continue to work for the noble goal of people's health preservation.

The Moscow Clinical Center for Infectious Diseases ‘Voronovskoe’ has become a symbol of the fight against the pandemic in the capital. It was built in record-breaking time, almost a month. As the Mayor of Moscow previously noted, it was almost impossible to build such an object in such a short time. An additional complication was created by the fact that the clinic was built far from populated localities. As a result, it was necessary to lay 15 kilometers of main gas pipelines, 30 kilometers of electric cables, about 70 kilometers of on-site communications and 20 kilometers of roads. At the same time, about 11 thousand construction workers worked on the construction site and more than 1 500 construction machines were involved.

Unlike similar institutions that are being opened in many countries during the fight against COVID-19, this hospital will operate on a permanent basis. After the pandemic end, all types of infections will be treated here. The service life of the buildings is designed for several decades.


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