Sechenov University’s anniversary: Moscow Main Archive Directorate on its history

November 19, 2020
Social sector

On 13 November 1758, the Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, the oldest and leading medical university in Russia, was founded.

The Moscow Main Archive Directorate stores numerous photos, learning and teaching activity documents, as well as a collection that belonged to artist Oleg Pavlov who is associated with the history of the university.

The university first was established as a medicine department of the Imperial Moscow University and was one of the first three departments founded in 1755 according to a project on establishing the Moscow University. The department opened for admission in 1758.

After the university was reorganised in 1917, the medicine department became part of Lomonosov Moscow State University. In 1930, the department broke away and was transformed into the First Moscow State Medical University. In 1955, it was named after the prominent Russian physiologist, Ivan Sechenov.

Documents from the Moscow Main Archive Directorate can help people learn about the history of the university. The collection from the Imperial Moscow University has an entire range of documents about the work of its medical department, such as registration papers, documents related to cooperation with foreign educational and research institutes, as well as information about award winning teachers and students, and correspondence.

Among the rare documents is the personal collection of the artist, Oleg Pavlov. For instance, it includes an album of phototypes named Imperial Moscow University. The 1916 Medical Graduates. These photos were taken by the artist’s grandfather, famous Moscow photographer Pyotr Pavlov. The album is filled with photos of the buildings of the Imperial Moscow University, as well as group seminars and lectures, portraits of assistance professors, professors and graduates, plus their group photos, including those who went off to the front right after graduation.

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