Search for missing people and charity: City supports good deeds

November 22, 2020
Social sector

The Moscow Government is trying to help charity and non-profit organisations by creating additional opportunities for them, including those based on digital services. A good  example of this is  the Active Citizen city project that has been cooperating with Liza Alert search and rescue team since 2014, reported Deputy Mayor Natalya Sergunina at her online meeting with city charity representatives.

“Active Citizen comprises 4,500,000 registered users. Those who work in the field  of searching for the missing persons receive information on them. It expands the volunteers’ opportunities and can help save a person’s life. During this time 313 emergency alerts were issued,” said Natalya Sergunina.

The project participants received 67 emergency alerts in 2020 alone. In total, 2,300 requests for a search of a person in Moscow were filed with Liza Alert and they found more than 2,000 of them. A variety of resources were used for the search and Active Citizen was among them.”

“Time and prompt response are of huge importance — the quicker the information is gathered and the more there is of it  together with interaction from the municipal services and resources, the greater are the chances of finding a missing child or grownup safe and sound,” noted Oleg Leonov, a Liza Alert coordinator.

He added that cooperation with Active Citizen not only helps find people but also gives an opportunity to tell  the team about the activities, and draw Moscow residents’ attention to it and attracts new volunteers.

The Liza Alert team have put into practice a number of preventive programmes developed jointly with the Moscow Government. In particular, MCD trains and stations now have information posters, crawling texts and guidelines for passengers and staff on what to do if they meet a person who’s lost or discover a missing child.

The online meeting also touched upon a new charity service that was added  on on 16 October. Now, individuals registered on the website, over 13,000,000 people, if they would like can make contributions for a good deed.. The donation can be made through the My Payments section. The service is still being tested, but users have already made more than a 1,000 contributions over the first several weeks. 200 roubles is the average gift.

Currently, the site has nine registered charity organisations. It is expected that their number will reach about 30 by the end of the year. City dwellers can read information about the activities of this or that organisation before making a contribution to it.

NKO Lab city educational programme is intended to support non-profit and charity organisations. It functions online. They have already conducted 183 training activities for non-profit organisations attended by about 4,300 people in 2020. The sessions are given by experts with vast experience in the non-profit sector. They are organised by a network of co-working centres under Moscow’s Committee of Public Relations and Youth Policy. The main subject of the NKO Lab webinars is the application of digital solutions in the charity practice.

People can also help fund a programme for subsidising consumer demand entitled Million Prizes. It was launched in June. Its participants are Moscow residents who took part in the voting on constitutional amendments. Two million certificates with a par value from one to four thousand points (one point is equal to one rouble) have been prepared for city residents. The points are converted into bonuses and discounts in shops, cafes and restaurants and can be given to charity. To date, over 37,500,000 roubles have already been transferred to 13 charities registered in the programme.


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