Sculptures in Moscow parks: From Pushkin’s tilt cart to an alley with Baba Yaga

September 7
Parks and pedestrian areas

Autumn walks in Moscow parks can be all the more amazing if you visit places with unusual sculptures associated with famous fairy tales, urban legends and traditions.

For instance, you can visit the Money Garden in Sokolniki Park (1a Poperechny Prosek, near Maisky Prosek) to see the Chief Accountant Fairy. According to its creators, this graceful sculpture embodies the job of an accountant. The girl with light wings holding an abacus seems to float in the air above heavy cubes marked with key accounting terms, such as “debit,” “credit,” “net,” “balance,” “profit” and so on. The sculpture is made of bronze and covered with gold plating. It was installed in the park in 2014. Over six years, Sokolniki visitors have come up with their own superstitions: if you rub the cube that says “money,” you will always be prosperous, and if you make any material wish near the fairy, it will certainly come true.


In Babushkinsky Park, visitors can see a steam engine. The kinetic steampunk sculpture made by Andrei Aseryants in 2014 is installed on the main alley, opposite the park’s fountain square. A mustachioed driver is at the wheel of the steam engine. In addition to a large steam boiler, a pipe, and a system of pistons and gears, the steam engine also has two passenger seats. Park visitors love to take pictures with the sculpture.


One of Muscovites’ favourite sights in Fili Park, the sculptural composition Pierrot and Malvina, decorates the square near the main stage, next to the entrance to the baby-care room. Sad Pierrot is singing a serenade to his girlfriend. People say that if you make a wish here, you can protect yourself from unhappy or unrequited love.


There is a whole alley of fairy tales in Lianozovsky Park. Russian knights, Baba Yaga, sister Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka, leshy and other famous characters from folk tales line the path from the amusement park to the “Kremlin” playground for children. The alley opened in 2008, becoming part of a large play area. A similar alley appeared in Vorontsovsky Park this year where you can take photos with your favourite characters from the book Alice in Wonderland: the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, Alice, the Queen of Hearts and others.


Muzeon Park hosts sculptures marking the 200th birthday of Alexander Pushkin. In particular, there is a monument to the poet standing 1.66 metres tall, his approximate height. The sculpture was made by Alexander Smirnov-Panfilov.

Nearby is a sculpture Vladimir Buinachev made in the shape of a tilt cart, in which Pushkin travelled across Russia.

MosgorparkNearby is a sculpture Vladimir Buinachev made in the shape of a tilt cart, in which Pushkin travelled across Russia.

Mythical lions live in the Kuzminki-Lyublino Open-Air Museum. The sculptures sit on the fence of the manor's courtyard and by the pond on the round Lion's pier. The lion has long been considered a symbol of power, strength and might, which explains its popular presence at Russian estates of the 18th-19th centuries. The figures of these animals were made of various materials, including plaster, marble and metal. The lions at the Kuzminki Estate are made of cast iron and were cast at the Golitsyn factories in the Urals.


Moscow parks not only boast rich nature and historical sites but also diverse infrastructure for intellectual and active recreation. In green areas, there are over 90 sports grounds with parallel bars, horizontal bars and other exercise equipment. For those wishing to do sports in the open air, 23 parks regularly hold free workout sessions. For example, you can attend aerobics classes in Izmailovsky Park and master the ancient Chinese qigong gymnastics in the Bauman Garden. Running clubs are open in six recreation areas. In addition, 14 city parks regularly host free creative and educational activities for children and adolescents. You can have fun with your family and get an adrenaline rush on ropes courses, which are open in eight recreation areas.

City parks have more than 90 grounds equipped for team sports where you can play football, volleyball, tennis and basketball. Those who are keen on chess and checkers can choose pavilions and outdoor places for their tournaments.


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