Schools reopen, other restrictions extended until 21 January

January 14

The city is extending a number of anti-COVID-19 restrictions until 21 January, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin wrote in his blog.

“According to epidemiologists, the current trend in Moscow will become clear in the next few days, and we will make long-term decisions on that basis. We will consider mitigating some restrictions if the situation does not get worse, and if current disease rates are stabilised,” Mr Sobyanin noted.

People aged over 65 and those suffering from chronic diseases should stay home. Employers should tell at least 30 percent of their staffers, as well as all employees aged over 65 and those with chronic diseases, to work from home.

College and university students will continue to study remotely. Sports schools and additional training centres will have their holidays extended.

There will be no cultural or educational events, exhibitions or entertainment with spectators in the next seven days. Restaurants and clubs will not admit customers from 11 pm through 6 am. Theatres, cinemas and concert halls cannot be filled to more than 25 percent of their capacity.

Mr Sobyanin urged city residents to observe social distancing and to use personal protective equipment. A large-scale COVID-19 vaccination campaign is underway.

On 14 January, the city opened 30 additional vaccination centres, so that their total number has reached 100. All centres are open from 8 am through 8 pm. People can schedule vaccination appointments on the and websites, the Moscow’s Government Services, My Moscow and EMIAS.INFO municipal mobile apps, interactive kiosks at outpatient clinics or by phone.


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