Scale model of Moscow to have more than 300 buildings renovated during the reconstruction

September 24, 2019
Municipal services

During the reconstruction of the Moscow scale model located in the same-name Pavilion on VDNKh's Lilac Alley, more than 300 facilities are to be brought in line with their architectural appearance. This was announced by Head of the Moscow Department of Urban Development Sergei Lyovkin.

‘Experienced model makers are expected to update the appearance of 305 buildings and structures. Some buildings will have their roof colour changed, some will be rotated a few degrees for greater accuracy. Experts will remove some demolished buildings. Besides, the model will have monuments recently erected, such as the monument to the Holy Prince Vladimir, Equal to the Apostles, on Borovitskaya Square,’ Sergei explained.

After the reconstruction, the model will cover 429 sq m. It will also have new facilities, including Kievsky Railway Station, Ukraina Hotel, Donskoy and Simonov monasteries, Andreyevsky Bridge, ZIL Culture Centre, Lefortovsky Park and others.

‘Also, Gilyarovskogo Street will have tram tracks removed, with  Triumfalnaya Square and Krasnye Vorota Square reconstructed,’ said Sergei Lyovkin.

Moscow scale model's creation started in 2012. It is a 1:400 scale replica of the city with around 20,000 miniature buildings of the Old Moscow.

The model will be closed for reconstruction from 1 October till 1 November. The project is expected to be completed in 2020.



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