Safety First! Moscow Tourist Attractions Set to Get the Safe Travels Stamp

December 29, 2021
Tourism and travels

In an effort to meet all safety requirements in a complex epidemiological situation, touristic and hospitality facilities in Moscow are increasingly getting part of Safe Travels, a project of the World Travel and Tourism Council. In the framework of this project, international safety standards have been developed for travel companies, hotels, cultural venues, catering establishments and tourist infrastructure facilities. Safe Travels protocols have been compiled on the basis of local and national legislation requirements and take into account the guidelines from the World Health Organization.

To request the international Safe Travels Stamp that confirms a responsible approach to the implementation of all recommendations and sanitary standards (on distancing, employees health monitoring, availability of personal protective equipment and others), you must submit an application on the project official website. 10 days are allowed for verification. If the applicant stands up to the requirements, it is registered in the Safe Travels system and the information is placed in the Safe Travels Discover Moscow registry.

To date, more than 230 applications to participate in the program have been received. And 221 organizations have already got this international stamp. The sites and facilities are regularly checked in order to confirm their right to operate under such stamp.

Program Participants

The State Darwin Museum is among those who already joined the program.


The program specialists make quarterly follow-up visits to the institution to verify compliance. According to Igor Kopytov, care for visitors has been behind the motivation of the museum to obtain the Safe Travels Stamp. So far, it concerns only Russian tourists, but in the future, this international stamp may become an additional tool for attracting foreign travelers.

"Today, human health and safety is a priority for all over the world. This year, the Darwin Museum was nominated for the Guiding Star Award, the most prestigious in the sphere of tourism and hospitality in our city. A major prerequisite for participating in the competition for museums, restaurants and hotels has been the availability of the Safe Travels Stamp, and we believe this very reasonable," Igor Kopytov added.

The Moscow Zoo is a participant of the Safe Travels program too.

"Safe Travels is a new set of health and safety protocols, being by and large in line with the Covid rules established by the Russian consumer health agency, Rospotrebnadzor. Since the Moscow Zoo from the very beginning of the pandemic has been in full compliance with all Rospotrebnadzor’s requirements, it was not difficult for us to pass the inspection. We have received Safe Travels Stamps and placed them at each of the entrances to the Zoo," the Moscow Zoo’s press service reported.

Like other Moscow facilities, the Zoo was checked for the presence of masks for visitors, and markings and signs informing about the need to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters. Safe Travels specialists checked whether there were enough hand and air sanitizers in the indoor spaces. The inspectors also checked whether employees kept a distance and had personal safety apparel on them and whether they were getting their temperature measured prior the work activities.

"Having received the international Safe Travels Stamp, the Moscow Zoo is now a participant of the marketing program that promotes Moscow as one of the safest cities for tourism. We are proud to be part of this program, since the Safe Travels Stamp is a proof that tourist attraction meets all sanitary standards and implements the recommendations of relevant authorities. This helps rebuild confidence and trust in our institution and, in the long run, in the entire Russian capital," the Moscow Zoo’s press service emphasized.

The institution was one of the first to join the project in January 2021.


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