Russpass unveils picturesque VDNKh photo locations

September 29
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The Russpass digital tourist service suggests a number of VDNKh locations where it is possible to take picturesque photos. The route begins on the Central Alley and ends near the Landscape Park’s observation deck.

Of great significance are the chestnut-tree groves on both sides of Cosmonauts Alley because Soviet cosmonauts planted 76 trees here after returning from orbit. The alley was created after Cosmonaut Pavel Belyayev planted the first chestnut tree in memory of his late colleagues and friends, Vladimir Komarov and Yury Gagarin.

It is also possible to take picturesque images in the evergreen Latvian Public Garden, famous for its different kinds of rhododendron plants, junipers, mountain pines and box trees. While improving the territory of VDNKh, workers put up pergolas that are covered with grape vines during the summer and autumn months.

The VDNKh Landscape Park features a display of flowerbeds called the Big Field Panorama. Irises, asters and cornflowers growing at eye level form an abstract picture resembling Vasily Kandinsky’s masterpieces. The entire picture comes alive in gusty weather and makes it possible to take striking photos.

The Landscape Park also has a nature trail snaking along the Sheremetev Oak Grove’s tree-tops. Some of the local specimens are around 150 years old and require 6.5 m high support posts.The nature trail is open 24 hours a day and is well lit day and night.

The Kamenskye Pond and its Golden Spike Fountain will also contribute to memorable VDNKh photo tours. The Landscape Park’s observation deck provides an excellent view of the water.

Yulia Ivanko,

All recommended photo locations can be visited free of charge.

Complete VDNKh photo tour

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