Russpass posts videos about Moscow

September 4
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Russpass tourist platform posts videos about Moscow. The project deals with the capital’s history, architecture and culture, Deputy Moscow Mayor Natalia Sergunina explained.

“New videos will be added little by little to the seven educational videos available in both Russian and English,” Ms Sergunina added.

People can find out about Belka and Strelka, the first canine space travelers and also what could have prevented the Russian Bear mascot of the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games from taking off and thus depriving audiences of the Games’ most touching moment. There’ll be information about Pseudo-Russian architecture. Russpass users can find out about such things. This series of mini-stories was prepared with the help of famous Russian journalist, television and radio show host Vladimir Rayevsky.

The videos also show how engineers managed to move an entire building with all its tenants. They tell where to find traces of ancient cultures and civilisations in Moscow and also narrate the history of the Moscow Metro and its architecture.

Discover what inspired architect Vladimir Shukhov to create his famous towers, and about the style of architecture used. The website’s animation video will present the key facts and the most interesting details regarding these unusual structures.

Russpass will try and help tourists to plan their trips in Moscow and various regions of Russia, tailored to specific deadlines, interests and purposes. One and the same website provides access to all city networks, services and landmarks and gives the addresses of museums, parks, restaurants, theatres, cafés and markets. The project was developed on the initiative of the Moscow Government. Moscow’s Committee on Tourism and the Department of Information Technology are overseeing its implementation.


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