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September 18
Tourism and travels

Russpass digital travel platform users can now call a hotline if they need help trying to plan their trips, Deputy Mayor Natalya Sergunina said. The City Call Centre are there to give a helping hand to people making plans to visit a place. For example, suggesting the best deals on air or railway tickets, ideal tours, or sightseeing trips and plenty of other things.

“The Russpass platform aggregates offers for tourists. There are a variety of options to get to know the history and culture, architecture and natural beauty in different regions of Russia. Moscow, St Petersburg, Kuban, or Altai. The choices really are extremely diverse. The hotline specialists are there to help you plan what you want to do and even advise you during your trip,” Natalya Sergunina noted.

For more information call +7 (495) 122 01 11 or if you are in Moscow call 122. You can select either a Russian speaking operator or one that speaks English and the service works around the clock.

“The trials for Russpass started on July 20, and it is important for us that our visitors and partners can conveniently use the new website. If they have any ideas how to improve the platform, or want to report a malfunction, the operators will help them fill out a form for  the technical support service,” said Andrei Savitsky, head of the City Call Centre.

With Russpass, you can plan your travel itinerary, buy e-tickets in advance for guided tours, museums and theatres, book train or airline tickets, learn about useful services and interesting places. The platform partners such as tour agencies and operators, restaurants, museums, parks, as well as theatres can use it to promote their products, attract new customers, develop their business and create more jobs.

Yevgeny Samarin,

For now, Russpass is in Russian and English, but in the future, the online service will be available in Spanish, Korean, Chinese, German and French.

The Russpass platform was developed at the initiative of the Moscow Government. The implementation of the project is supervised by the Moscow Committee for Tourism and the Department of Information Technology.

The citywide Call Centre has been operating in Moscow since 2011. It receives over 3 million calls a month. Nearly 90 percent of calls are for its hotlines that are very popular with city residents. Moscow unified information service +7 (495) 777 77 77, unified control centre +7 (495) 539 53 53, unified service to get an appointment with a doctor +7 (495) 539 30 00, Moscow Transport Call Centre +7 (495) 539 54 54, technical support of the public services portal +7 (495) 539 55 55, and the water consumption meter hotline +7 (495) 539 25 25.


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