Russian doctors make use of CT Calculator 10,000 times to diagnose COVID-19

February 7

Moscow’s healthcare system continues to enhance its integrated digital platform involved in the COVID-19 response effort. The CT Calculator has become one of the platform’s essential services as it can determine the condition of a patient’s lungs based on blood work, oxygen saturation and general clinical picture.

Russian doctors from different regions have been relying on the service, including over 7,000 healthcare workers in St Petersburg, Irkutsk, Krasnodar, Khabarovsk and other cities. Doctors have already made 10,000 prognoses using the CT Calculator. Experts from other countries have praised the programme as well.

The main purpose of the new digital service is to help doctors predict the severity of pneumonia caused by COVID-19. The calculator is a collaborative project of experts from Vorokhobov City Hospital No. 67 and Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The system uses a patient’s indicators such as body temperature, blood oxygen saturation, blood test results and information about any pre-existing conditions to predict the probability of a minor, moderately severe or severe pneumonia. If the calculator suggests minor pneumonia, the doctor may choose not to resort to computer tomography. In the other cases, a CT scan is performed or immediate hospitalisation may be necessary.

The AI-based system will continue to accumulate new data to learn and improve its performance.

The CT Calculator is already embedded in the Integrated Medical Information and Analytical System (EMIAS) and can be accessed by doctors in Moscow and other regions at. The calculator is easy to use and available to any practicing doctor.

In order to calculate potential pulmonary damage, a doctor needs to fill out a form with the results of a general blood test, physical examination and other parameters. A forecasting model will show the degree of damage which the doctor can refer to when making further decisions about diagnostics and treatment.


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