Russian Cybathletics Championship to be held in Moscow

December 7, 2021

On December 6 and 7, the Russian Cybathletics Championship will be held in Moscow — the championship among people having health problems and using assistive technologies. Participants will have speed compete on the tracks using, in particular, the developments of the capital's innovators: bionic prosthetics of arms and legs, exoskeletons, electric wheelchairs and neural interfaces in which part of the brain functions is performed by a computer. Each category of cybathletes has its own track with obstacles.

"Assistive technologies are actively developing, and Moscow developers already have projects that have proven their effectiveness, including at cybathletics competitions. This is a socially significant direction that once again demonstrates how technological solutions improve the quality of life. Participants from 30 regions will come to Moscow for the championship. We wish everyone to turn in a good performance and make happy their fans!" — Natalia Sergunina, Deputy Moscow Mayor, said.

The competition is organized by the Kibatletika Union with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and the Government of Moscow. You will be able to watch the competition online. The broadcast will be shown on the official page of the Kibatletika Union in the VKontakte social network, as well as on the union portal.

The qualifying starts will be held on December 6, and the semifinals and finals are scheduled for the next day.

Within the framework of the championship, a presentation of new products from the capital's developers is expected. They will present upper and lower extremity prosthesis, electric wheelchairs and other advanced solutions.

In addition, the Future.Lab technology networking studio will be open on December 7. Eminent athletes, scientists, science popularizers and government representatives will discuss how innovations are changing everyday life. To watch the broadcast of the meeting, you need to register.

Kiberatletika has been holding competitions among Russians using assistive devices for five years. Last year, the organization ensured the participation of the national team in the Cybathlon 2020 World Championship, where our athletes won prizes,” Andrey Davidyuk, the chairman of the Board of the Kibatletika Union, said. “The development of innovative technologies fundamentally changes the lives of people with health problems. Some of them are testing the latest developments themselves, so that in the future they will become accessible to everyone who needs them. The Russian Cybathletics Championship is one of the stages of this work."

The creators of assistive technologies in the capital can count on the support of the city. For example, in 2020, the manufacturer of electric set-top boxes for wheelchairs UNAwheel received Innovator of Moscow award from Moscow Mayor. The developers applied the prize money towards the development of the project.

"Within the framework of the city innovation testing program, pilot tests of more than 60 projects in the field of medicine and rehabilitation have been conducted. Among them are an exoskeleton for patients with impaired motor functions, a cane with artificial intelligence that recognizes faces and obstacles, neurotraining to preserve brain functions in old age," Alexey Fursin, Head of the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development, said.

In addition, developers use support programs and services of the Moscow Innovation Cluster (MIC). The Motorika company, which produces high-tech prosthetic hands, has found partners in engineering and production of structural elements and assemblies on the cluster platform.

Also, MIC helped to find a strategic partner for the company that produces the Aktiv-2 knee module with an external power source and microprocessor control, and the manufacturer of Charlie speech recognition devices, and the Robin smart assistants for the blind persons, as well as to establish cooperation with distributors.

A year ago, the country's cybathletes took part in the international Cybathlon championship for athletes with health problems using cybernetic devices. 54 teams from 21 countries took part in them.

According to the results of the competitions, the Russian national team took silver and bronze in two disciplines, in three more competitions the participants ranked in the Top 5 athletes. Most of the developments used by the members of the Russian national team were created by Moscow companies. All of them are participants and partners of the Moscow Innovation Cluster.


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