Rotunda and a large flower garden: Yauza River bank to have a recreation site

July 11
Parks and pedestrian areas

A new park recreation area will appear in the Yauza River's floodplain in the north-east of Moscow. At the request of local residents, it will be arranged on the site of the demolished unfinished construction.  A few years ago, a private investor was to build a ski resort near the Medvedkovo Sports Complex. However, the construction had been suspended, and the site was abandoned.


During the comprehensive improvement and landscaping of the area, all concrete structures and fittings have been dismantled, except an arc-shaped concrete slab to become part of the recreation area. Now the workers are digging trenches to lay lighting and video surveillance system. Later, experts are to make walks and create the necessary infrastructure.

"Initially, a sports cluster was to be constructed to replace the unfinished ski complex, but at the request of local residents, we will arrange a recreation area of about 5,000 sq m here. It will be centred around a rotunda and a large flower garden. An arc-shaped concrete slab that has remained of the former construction site will be turned into an over 100 m long walking gallery. It will become part of the eco-trail walking route. The gallery will have a pergola-shaped shadow canopy along its entire length," the Press Service of the Moscow Department of Capital Improvements and Repairs said.

There will be a children's playground created according to a special project, including swing, merry-go-rounds and game centres covering about 400 sq m, with plenty of flower beds and trees around. 

The Department of Capital Improvements and Repairs noted that the walking gallery, which is quite an unusual element for parks, will become a real attraction of the site.

Specialists are already laying utilities, developing road and walk network and eco-trails in the park of the Yauza River floodplain.  Experts are reconstructing an amphitheatre and Pevcheskoye Pole stage, upgrading children's playgrounds. More trees and shrubs are expected to be planted there. The work is to be completed this year.




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