Rostokinsky aqueduct and metallophones: Ruspass prepared new summer routes around Moscow

July 29
Tourism and travels

Digital travel service Russpass compiled three new walking routes around Moscow. Citizens are invited to visit parks, walk along the embankments, admire the pavilions of VDNKh and see the city bird's-eye view. Each route is intended to last several hours and includes five to six stops.

Those who want to relax by the water and enjoy the beautiful views will like the Embankments of the Moskva River route. Users will take a walk along the recently landscaped Shelepikhinskaya Embankment, Krasnopresnenskaya and Taras Shevchenko Embankment. Travelers will see the Dutch ponds in the Krasnaya Presnya Park, climb to one of the observation decks of the Moscow City complex and take a walk on a river boat along the Moskva River.

Фото М. Денисова.

The In the Epicenter of Urban Life route will help you plunge into the green oasis . The route includes a visit to three recreation areas: Vorontsovky Park, Neskuchny Garden and Gorky Park. The walk also includes the visit to the Darwin Museum and observation of the monument to the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

The Weekend on Wilhelm Peak Street routecollected the attractions in the vicinity of this street. The route begins at the Rostokinsky Aqueduct — this is the only structure in Russia that preserved the memory of the first gravity water supply. It was used for its intended purpose until 1902, then for some time it served as a support for a water main and a heating main. The reconstruction of the aqueduct was completed in 2007 — it was turned into a pedestrian bridge, and a picturesque park appeared next to it.

Фото Ю. Иванко.

Then the route leads to the famous Worker and Kolkhoznitza Woman Monument. This work by sculptor Vera Mukhina was a resounding success at the 1937 Paris International Exposition. Then users will be offered to walk around the territory of VDNKh. The walk will end in the Garden of the Future park, located next to the Botanichesky Sad metro station. This recreation area was completely landscaped in 2017. There are several playgrounds with metallphones and drums, workout area with devices for physical exercises, volleyball court and badminton court, and bike paths are laid along the alleys of the park. And those who prefer a relaxing holiday will like the wooden gazebo with suspended cocoon chairs and sun loungers. One can find it in the central part of the park.

Russpass is a digital travel service that helps you quickly and easily plan a trip to Russia. Here you may buy air flight and railway tickets, book tours and excursions to museums, buy tickets to theaters, and learn about top landmarks and useful services. Travelers have access to over 2.7 thousand offers, including tours and self-tailored routes. All regions of Russia signed Cooperation Agreements with the service and submitted their travel programs. During the service year of operation (since July 2020), more than 1.3 million users applied for its services.

The service was developed on the initiative of the Moscow Government, it is supervised by the Moscow Tourism Committee together with the Moscow Department of Information Technologies.


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