Rooftop fitness, talks about rock music and Quest Festival: new events of summer parks

June 5
Parks and pedestrian areas

This summer, you may learn the Argentine tango moves, master foreign languages, improve your health and physical fitness in Moscow parks. Moscow recreation areas have prepared a new entertainment for those who have decided to spend the summer in the city.

Dances in Zaryadye Park and rooftop fitness workouts in Gorky Park

Those who like dancing to the Latin American rhythms should visit Rakushka stage in Bauman Garden. Every Wednesday at 07:00 pm, it hosts free Argentine tango master classes guided by coaches who have studied choreography in Buenos Aires.

They will tell about the history of this dance and teach its basic moves. On Mondays, Rakushka stage will host Brazilian dance forro parties. Even the beginners may join in. Classes start at 07:00 pm.

Zaryadye Park guests will enjoy boogie-woogie and acrobatic rock’n’roll lessons. Guided by professional dancers, you will learn to do flips, flights and support stunts on the big amphitheatre stage. Join in boogie-woogie classes on Mondays. Dance rock’n’roll on Wednesdays 05:00 pm till 07:00 pm.

Gorky Park will offer unusual sessions for fitness fans. The roof of the main entrance arch will host Barre workouts every two weeks on Mondays. This is a special kind of training involving pilates, yoga, stretching and ballet. Trainees work out at a ballet bar with elastic bands, exercise balls and light weights. Rooftop fitness starts at 07:00 pm.

On Mondays and Wednesdays at 12:30 pm, Levoberezhny Recreation Area will host open air fitness for moms with strollers. On Wednesdays, 10:00 am till 11:00 am, Pryamikov Children’s Park will offer Moms’ Day workout training sessions. The advantage of such activities is that mothers may come with children and combine walks in parks with sports.

On Saturdays, 01:00 pm till 02:00 pm, the dance floor in Gorky Park’s Central Alley will have boxing training sessions throughout the summer. It is a contactless vigorous workout, a mix of boxing and fitness. Even beginners may participate in it.

Workouts in Vorontsovsky Park will introduce its visitors to Muay Thai. Sessions will be held every Friday from June to the end of August. Martial art fans are welcome in Tagansky Park to visit the classes weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, enrolment in the group is currently in progress.

Tag Rugby in Levoberezhny Recreation Area and scooter stunts in Lianozovsky Park

This summer, children are to discover a new sport. Starting from 2 June, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 09:00 am, Levoberezhny Recreation Area will host Tag Rugby classes, a safe kind of non-contact rugby for children. This game has simplified rules. A player does not need to seize the opponent, but just to tear off a special ribbon velcroed to his or her clothes. Each player has two ribbons.

Children will have an opportunity to feel like real builders in Izmailovo Park at design engineering classes. They will be held four times a week: on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. Guided by a coach, children will make models of buildings, castles and monuments. They will also learn to build various models of cars and ships.

Extreme sports fans are invited to attend free scooter and skateboard stunt classes in Lianozovsky Park to be held every weekend from 8 June until the end of August. Experienced instructors will show basic stunts and help to overcome the fear. These training sessions are for experienced skaters and scooters. Participants are advised to wear safety gear including helmet, armbands and elbow pads.

Quest Festival in Fili Park and rock'n'roll lectures in Vorontsovsky Park

Fili Park has prepared a real summer festival of quests. Join in insightful trips on weekends throughout the summer. Take part in a quest walk, quest crossword, quest exploration game and other formats of this entertainment. Guests will even enjoy an immersive performance quest, with every player becoming a story character. To feel the atmosphere better, quest participants will be offered to choose parts of costumes. Quest schedule will be available on the Fili Park's website. To participate, send a request to the official Park's e-mail. 

Rock'n'roll and rock poetry fans will like lectures to be held in Vorontsovsky Park. The Lecture Hall and the Park's main stage will host insightful talks about the world's rock music. The first meeting will take place on 29 June, with the lecture starting at 04:00 pm. Check further schedule on the Park's website

Summer season in Moscow parks launched on 1 May. Green areas boast diverse sports infrastructure, including workout grounds, courts, football fields, jogging and cycling  tracks, as well as sports equipment, scooters, segways and bicycles for  rent.

Moscow parks also offer free sports, crafts and educational courses for adults in summer.  Learn foreign languages in Gorky Park and work out in Neskuchny Garden. Besides, 37 Moscow parks will hold yoga sessions. 150 experienced certified coaches will teach you wellness regimen. They will help anyone to choose a program both for beginners and for more experienced yogi. Eight Moscow parks will open children's camps.


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