Robots and people: a Moscow secondary school student made a humanoid robot sensitive to touch and voice tone

June 27

YYegor YYolkin, a tenth-former from Moscow school No. 1409 made a humanoid robot to study human-robot interaction. The robot has touch sensors and addressable RGB LEDs designed for human interaction. The device is sensitive to the touch and voice tone.

The school student’s project won the research-to-practice conferences “Kurchatov Project: from Knowledge to Practice, from Practice to Results” and “Engineers of the Future”. “It will be an excellent tool to study human-robot interaction,” said Yegor Yolkin.

The student took a great interest in design a year ago. According to him, the concept of "design" may seem less significant for robotics than it really is: "A robot's design, beyond its appearance, includes human interaction, which is unfairly downplayed."

Lyudmila Vakhitova, a computer science teacher at school No. 1409, is convinced that Yegor’s personal qualities as well as the opportunities provided by the school and the city have contributed much to his success.

“The secret of Yegor’s victories lies in his desire to learn always and everywhere: at lessons, special courses, in extended education groups for programming languages, in summer pre-professional practical training at Kaspersky Lab, and even on websites of companies manufacturing parts needed for the project, and also in his ability to communicate with the target audience of any age and, of course, self-control during the project presentation, ”said the teacher.

This is not the first time Yegor wins awards at research-to-practice conferences. In 2017 and 2018, he already won prizes at the conferences “Science for Life” and “Engineers of the Future”. In 2018, he presented his project at the City for Education Forum. Yegor plans to keep on working and make the robot behave like a living being.


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