Retro-car, free of charge museum tours and walks with the writer: VDNKh celebrates its 82nd anniversary

July 31

This year, the main Russian exhibition centre turns 82 years old. The festive program dedicated to the birthday of VDNKh will be held on July 31 and August 1. The guests will be in for excursions and intellectual games, concerts and sports activities, master classes and stage plays. Motorcyclists’ show and retro-car races will be especially spectacular.

In honor of the exhibition's birthday, the newlyweds who are married on July 30 in the Cosmos Pavilion and on July 31 in the Wedding Palace at VDNKh will be awarded certificates for planting named trees in the newlyweds ' garden.

In addition, the Stone Flower fountain will perform differently: the pattern of the jets will change, and the water flows will form a series of alternating figures. This is exactly how this fountain performed in the mid-1950s, immediately after its opening.

On the VDNKh territory, it is necessary to observe all the safety measures established by Rospotrebnadzor related to the spread of coronavirus infection: use masks and gloves in rooms and places where there are a lot of people, observe social distance. However, it is worth remembering that the best means of protection against the virus is vaccination.

Most of the events are held free of charge; you need to register in advance to attend them. The full program of the holiday can be found at the link. Registration for attending events is also open there.

Motorcycles, Retro-Cars and Free Excursions

A special program was prepared by the Special Purpose Garage Museum of the Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation. On July 31, a solemn motorcyclist’s ride of the honorary escort starting from the museum along the VDNKh ring road will take place. Within two days, this division show will be held at pavilions No. 53, 54.

On July 31, the Moscow Transport Museum, together with the Avtocultura project, invites viewers for retro-cars ride along the ring road from Oktyabrskaya Square to Promyshlennosty Square of VDNKh. It will end with an exhibition of parade participants at Pavilion No. 26. On August 1, guests will see a parade and an exhibition prepared by the Moskvich Automobile club.

Free of charge thematic excursions, most of which will be accompanied by sign language translation, will be held by the VDNKh museums. To get there, the pre-registration is only required.

Thus, the Cosmonautics and Aviation Center organizes a tour called Between Heaven and Earth dedicated to the pavilion history from 1939 to the present day. There will also be the Space Outposts excursions. The Mir station and Others space ships and The World in the Universe, during which they will talk about orbital stations and international space programs.

During the holidays, it will be possible to visit excursions dedicated to the origin of the Slavic alphabet, as well as the development of writing and printing in the center of Slavic writing ‘Slovo’. Among them are educational programs The World of the Native Language: From the Letter to the Book, The World of Slavic Writing and From Agriculture to the Word.

On August 1, the VDNKh Museum will host Happy Birthday, VDNKh! Happy Birthday, Museum! excursion. Visitors will learn about the main stages of the development of the USSR Agricultural Exhibition (VSKhV) - Exhibition of Economic Achievements of USSR (VDNKh) - All-Russian Exhibition centre (VVC) - and once again - VDNKh development, get acquainted with the symbols and hidden meanings of the architectural decor of the pavilions, learn about the work of the exhibition reflected in posters and movies.

Free of charge tours around the territory of VDNKh are also planned. For example, the Night VDNKh excursion will allow you to look at the majestic architecture of the exhibition in the light of the setting sun and evening illumination. And the participants of The Birth of VDNKh tour will be able to walk along the Central Alley see the historical pavilions and landscape design restored according to the model of 1954.

Photo by Maxim Denisov,

Intellectual Games, Literature and Cinema

VDNKh has prepared many events for those who prefer intellectual leisure activity. The Cosmonautics and Aviation Center will host a series of games of the What? Where? When? club. The meetings will be held by well-known experts of the club Maxim Potashev, Dmitry Avdeenko, Alyona Povysheva and Yuri Filippov. To fight with them, you will need to be registered and pre-fill out a questionnaire. 

On August 1, you will be able to get to the Literary Walks Around VDNKh master class. Guests will walk around the exhibition territory in the company of the writer Irina Lukyanova, who will share the secrets of her skill and tell how to vividly and fascinatingly depict the surrounding world.

During the holidays, excursions will be held in the Floriculture eco-center. There will also be master classes on modern urban gardening. And on August 1, the Beekeeping eco-center will host a Summer Fun festive program, which includes a lecture on phytotherapy and medicinal plants, as well as The Amazing World of Bees excursion.

On August 1, at 15:00, the open street lecture hall of the Cinema Museum will host a lecture ‘VDNKh in Movies’ telling about the history of the agricultural exhibition and its role in the domestic cinema on the example of such legendary movies as The Pig and the Shepherd, The Foundling.

A shot from the movie ‘The Foundling’. Directed by T. Lukashevich. 1939

Gusto and Good Music

Fans of active leisure are waited for sports master classes in the open air. One of them will take place between Pavilion No. 64 and the food court. Experienced instructors will help you to master a special type of tightrope walking at a low altitude - slackline. An equipped area for training and playing streetball is organized nearby. Master classes in hip-hop sports dancing will be held at the site in Ostankino Park.

On July 31, classes in traditional Chinese qigong gymnastics will be held at the 3rd Kamensky Pond and on August 1 at the chess club.

On July 31, a festive concert will be held at the open-air theatre. The hits of popular bands and singers will be played here all day. Among the participants are the Mojito, Tim3bomb, Artem Kacher and Ternovoy bands.

The next day, one of the final events of the VI International Festival of Arts ‘Inspiration’ will take place at the same venue. The audience will be presented with the War and Peace symphonic performance, which combines classical music and the great text of Leo Tolstoy. Theater and film actors Daria Moroz, Stanislav Duzhnikov and Anatoly Bely will hit the stage. The conductor Ivan Rudin and the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra are responsible for the musical part.

VDNKh is a unique public space. Today, the exhibition unites 49 cultural heritage sites, and its total area exceeds 325 hectares. All events on the territory of VDNKh comply with sanitary and epidemiological norms.


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