Reservoir best views: Northern River Station park new look

July 15, 2020
Parks and pedestrian areas

A place for families to go to during their free time has been planned for the Northern River Station park. Three swimming pools will be built in the southern part of the waterfront with superb views of the Khimki Reservoir. The recreation area will be above the level of the water. There will be heated swimming pools with water around 27degrees and there’ll also be a cafe there big enough to accommodate 130 people.

“At the moment the plumbing system and the walls of the pools are being dealt with and simultaneously a terrace is being built that will eventually have terrace decking. Concurrently engineering works are underway for the facilities maintenance system that will have a room to itself,” reported Moscow’s Department for Major Housing Repairs.

The beach will occupy almost 3,500 metres and the entire recreation area over 4,000 square metres which will all be covered with special decking. There will be enough room for up to 200 people at any given moment.

There will also be a pavilion with ticket offices, shower rooms, WCs, locker rooms with safe deposit boxes and a towel pickup point (on the way to the swimming pools). The rescue team will have their own shower and locker rooms.

One of the pools intended for families with small children will measure 81 square metres but only be one meter deep. Children will be allowed to swim there under their parent’s supervision. The second swimming pool is for adults and will measure 350 square metres and be 1.5 metres at the deep end. The third 45-square-metre pool will be exclusively for children who cannot swim and will only be 0.75 metres deep.

Near the swimming pools there will be over a hundred deck chairs and six lounge chairs. Parasols will be available just in case the sun is really hot. The recreation area will be open only in summer.

A large-scale job is going on at the Northern River Station park. Landscaping, repair work of the two existing fountains and the construction of a new one, repair work of the fence as well as monuments, balustrades, five pavilions near the quayside, statues and steps - all of that is in progress.

It is planned that the whole project being carried out by a construction and assembly team consisting of about 1,200 workers using around 145 pieces of equipment will be completed by 1 September. The total area being redesigned at the Norther River Station park is 49 hectares.

Restoration work of the main building at the Northern River Station began in August 2018. Since then the load-bearing structure has been reinforced and the granite tiles in the halls have been patched up with the help of archival photos. The lampposts, lanterns and other lighting fixtures have also been repaired and the spire hoisting mechanism has been overhauled. 

The facades and the granite tiling of the floors and walls as well as the windows plus main doors have been done up and the fittings restored or remade. The famous clock with a new mechanism looks just how it used to be once upon a time.

The interior decoration job is nearly completed with only a few things still needed to be done like the finishing touches of the grisaille work, glass paintings, ventilation grills and canvas wall coverings plus the ceiling and wall decor. The main lobby, the waiting room and the office used for special purposes are considered the most valuable part of the premises and in the end are expected to look like they once did.

The historic fountains situated North and South of the station’s internal yards are worthy of special note. Prior to repair work on them they were in a critical condition. Fountain specialists disassembled the granite facing of their bowls and reinforced their solid-cast basements and replaced the inside pipes and now they look exactly like they used to when they were built.


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