Representatives of foreign film companies discussed Moscow’s filming potential

September 26, 2019

Foreign film producers of the 43rd AFCI Cineposium visited Moscow as part of the official delegation. Experts have assessed Moscow's potential for filming major international projects. Jess Conoplia, AFCI President, Jeanette Volturno, Head of Production for Blumhouse, Asad Qizilbash, Head of Sony PlayStation Productions, Nick Smith, a film studio expert, spokesman for Universal Studios Cristen Carr Strubbe and line producer Marco Valerio Pugini were among them.

On 17 September, the experts visited Mosfilm and CineLab. During a guided tour of Mosfilm, they saw the 16th Film Pavilion, the storage of costumes and props, the in-shot vehicle fleet, the Old Moscow film set and learned much about the Studio's capabilities, too.

During their visit to CineLab, guests viewed the production facilities and the re-recording Studio. Foreign experts noted that, in order to attract high-profile foreign projects to Moscow, appropriate conditions for film crews need to be provided, including new full-cycle film studios.

Another cultural program spot was the renovated VDNKh. The delegation had a tour of the Cosmos Pavilion, where some foreign projects were filmed (‘Jack Ryan’ American TV series  and the ‘Astronauts’ documentary) with the assistance of the Moscow Film Commission. The guests also visited Zaryadye Park to watch the film 'Flight over Moscow'.

‘I think Moscow is a very beautiful international city. I can feel its incredible energy, there is always something going on here. I've spent most of my time here visiting film studios and film companies. They are well-equipped huge world-class productions. I'm amazed by the diversity of things to see in Moscow! If you love parks, there are a plenty of them. If you love art, there are many world-class museums, many restaurants and shopping malls. I also loved the new Zaryadye Park — it's fabulous!’ said Jess Conoplia, AFCI President.

Also, on 18 September, the delegation took part in the discussion 'Moscow: New Opportunities for Film Production', highlighting shooting issues in Moscow. Discussion moderator  Svetlana Maksimchenko, Director General of Moskino and Executive Secretary of the Moscow Film Commission, told about her work.

 ‘One of the Moscow Film Commission's goals is to attract foreign film projects for filming in Moscow. Moscow is already becoming a platform for international projects, and after today's meeting, we will work even harder towards it. Thanks to cooperation with Jess Conoplia and the Association of Film Commissioners International, the Moscow Film Commission is reaching the international level and is increasingly assisting foreign filmmakers,’ she said.

The film producers also discussed international cooperation and working conditions they enjoy in Russia.

‘I believe it is very important to hold events where the industry can communicate directly with the audience. Foreign market players have to see the prospects of the region, with local partners sharing their views in an open dialogue. You can see what is being done for the industry in Russia and how business interacts with the government only when you come to Moscow,’ said Jess Conoplia.

During the discussion, they touched upon the financial support of foreign filmmakers, as well as the development of film tourism in Moscow.

‘Cooperation is possible and very much welcome. Partnerships need to be built, as work in Russia should be comfortable for filmmakers, and the situation is definitely improving today. Russia has a very strong independent national film production base. I believe we need to focus on its development in order to offer it to the market later. And then people will be ready for partnership,’ Nick Smith said.


The Moscow visit of AFCI Cineposium speakers was supported by the Moscow Film Commission, the Moscow City Tourism Committee and the Department for External Economic and International Relations of Moscow.

The Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) is the largest association of film industry professionals, founded in 1975. AFCI members support film production worldwide. The Association creates jobs and has a wide network of international contacts, including government agencies, non-profit organisations and local representatives of the film industry.

The Moscow Film Commission operates under the aegis of the Moscow Department of Culture  and Moskino. One of its goals is to attract foreign film companies to shoot in Moscow. The Commission assisted 15 foreign projects in 2018, including ‘Chernobyl’, ‘Yesterday’ by Danny Boyle and the series ‘Le bureau de legends’.


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