Remote work and home isolation for people 65+: Moscow combats rising COVID-19 cases

September 25

As of 28 September people aged 65+ and those suffering from chronic diseases once again will have to stay at home. This group of the population is considered the most vulnerable. Employers are being recommended to switch their employees to remote work. Corresponding amendments are being made to the Moscow Mayor’s executive order “Stages of lifting the restrictions related to the high-alert regime,” Mayor Sergei Sobyanin wrote in his blog.

“Of course, today’s situation is significantly different from what we saw in the spring. Over the last few months, we learnt a lot about the new virus and also  became more careful and acquired habits that help us protect ourselves from getting infected. Doctors learnt how to diagnose and treat this virus. Nevertheless, doctors believe the combination of two illnesses, the common cold and coronavirus, is very dangerous and can have serious consequences, especially for the elderly and people with chronic diseases,” the Mayor wrote.

Senior citizens are being requested to avoid public places and temporarily suspend personal contacts with friends and family members not living with them. Pensioners who still work are being highly recommended to switch to doing their jobs remotely or taking a vacation. People suffering from  chronic diseases must not go to  offices and have the possibility to take a sick leave.

The Moscow Mayor has also requested Moscow employers to switch as many employees as possible to remote work due to the deteriorating epidemiological situation in the city. During the spring months, a lot of Moscow companies worked this way.

“Of course, without damaging the organisation’s working processes and clients’ interests. Please also ensure the sanitary and epidemiological safety rules are observed in all offices,” he added.

It is mandatory to wear masks and gloves at work and in all public places. Restrictions on public events are still in effect in Moscow.

“The virus is not defeated yet and the pandemic continues. As I have already said, the autumn and winter outbreak of the common cold can possibly combine with it. So discipline and responsibility are needed today once again. Please wear masks and gloves on public transport and in shops as well as other public places. And please take special care of senior citizens and people suffering from chronic diseases,” Sergei Sobyanin said.

Moscow has reserve hospital beds to treat patients with COVID-19. All city clinics have the necessary medical equipment and medicine. Doctors can quickly diagnose it. About 70,000 PCR tests are being carried out every single day.

Doctors who are in daily contact with patients who have symptoms of acute respiratory infections are voluntarily being vaccinated against coronavirus. Since 15 September, 126 health workers have been vaccinated.

Post-registration trials of the coronavirus vaccine are also being carried out in Moscow. It is necessary to fill out a form and be selected to get vaccinated.

Annual flu jabs began in September. Free vaccinations are available in all adult and children’s polyclinics as well as at mobile vaccination stations.


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