Red-listed wood pigeon first spotted in Terletsky Park

October 24, 2019
Parks and pedestrian areas

Mospriroda officers have spotted the red-listed wood pigeon in Terletsky Park near the Konny Dvor Ecological and Educational Centre. A big luck, given that these birds nest in the forests of the Moscow region and usually hide being almost impossible to spot. Wood pigeons can occasionally be found in the city during migration.

The wood pigeon habitat is quite extensive. In the south of the country, these birds have a sedentary lifestyle, while in Central Russia they are migratory birds, with migration period in mid-October.

The wood pigeon has a reddish or pink chest, a greenish neck with a metallic sheen, and a turquoise or lilac goitre. Unlike their urban relative rock pigeon, wood pigeons are quite big (the body is about 40 cm long) and have white stripes the wings and the tail. They help the birds find each other in the forest thickets. Wood pigeons feed on berries, seeds of cereals and conifers, acorns and beechnuts.

During the recent EuroBirdwatch 2019, Moscow residents have registered over 4,000 birds of 44 different species.


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