Record number of flowers bloomed at VDNKh this year

September 17
Parks and pedestrian areas

In 2020, the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements set one of the most beautiful records: over 1.3 million flowers bloomed there in summer. That is one-third more than last year. Several new landscape compositions opened at the exhibition, and the Kandinsky Fields were planted anew. Even though summer is over, VDNKh visitors can still see a great number of blossoming plants.

''All in all, the country’s main exhibition got 808,500 new plants in 2020, and 90 percent of them are flowers.  Together with perennials that were planted on the grounds before, the number of blossoming plants exceeded 1.3 million this summer,” the VDNKh press service reports.

Flower arrangements appeared in historical landscape areas – the Siberia and Nalchik garden squares – only this year. New flower gardens were dug in near the Optics and Floriculture and Gardening pavilions. This year, over 3,600 lavender bushes were planted in the Nalchik garden square between the Space and Meat Industry pavilions where 60 perennial species of flowers, trees and shrubs were already growing. And 11,000 perennial flowers, juniper, hawthorn and Manchurian cherry shrubs, as well as decorative rose bushes, maples and apple trees brightened the Siberia garden square opposite the Expo area.

Perennial flowers were also planted in the Kandinsky Fields this summer. The fields cover 3,600 square metres. About 258,000 flowers form an ornament in the style of the artist’s abstract works there. The colour scheme of the composition is based on the colours of the lithograph Small Worlds I (1922).

Views of the Ecosystem site near the Fishery pavilion were especially impressive this year. Perennials, planted there in 2018 and 2019, reached peak bloom and looked their best. Visitors were especially delighted to see mallows, button snakeroots, coneflowers, chrysanthemums and veronicastrums.

In spite of the approaching cold weather, VDNKh is still pleasing visitors with bright flower gardens. At the section of the Central Alley from the main entrance to the Stone Flower fountain, there is a variety of blossoming roses, as well as begonias, cannas, verbenas, alyssums and flossflowers. Lavender, coneflower and stonecrop are still in bloom in the Nalchik and Siberia garden squares, and bright-yellow sea dahlia are flowering on the Ecosystem site near the Fishery pavilion. In addition, panicle hydrangeas of the pink diamond and limelight species are blooming all over the exhibition grounds.

VDNKh is a unique public space with 80 years of history. The exhibition comprises 49 cultural heritage sites including historical pavilions and fountains. VDNKh spans an area of over 325 hectares. In 2019 the exhibition was visited by 33 million people.


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