Reconditioning architectural and artistic illumination on the Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge

January 14
Municipal services

Specialists of the municipal economy complex reconditioned the architectural illumination on the Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge.

“Specialists put in order the architectural and artistic illumination of the structure, all contaminated LED elements were cleaned using a special composition, burned out bulbs were replaced and those lost were restored," said Pyotr Biryukov, Deputy Moscow Mayor in the Moscow Government for Housing and Utilities Services and Landscaping.

The Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge illumination includes 1,276 luminous elements: 912 linear lamps perform a decorative function, 268 spotlights illuminate the metal structure of the bridge, 80 lighting devices illuminate the roadway on the Sofyiskaya and Kremlyovskaya embankments, and the remaining 16 provide illumination of granite pedestals.

The architectural and artistic illumination of the bridge appeared in 2014. Then, a special concept of lighting was developed aimed at emphasizing the beauty and architectural features of the structure. Now, when the illumination is turned on, the bridge is covered with shimmering golden and quartz glow.

The municipal economy complex Head recalled that the repair of the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge was carried out in a record time — one year.

“The bridge was actually rebuilt, its main structures, the concrete foundation and the road surface were renewed, granite cladding and cast-iron fence elements were restored," Pyotr Biryukov said. “Meanwhile, the bridge continued to function and was not completely closed at any stage of the work.”

Repair of this kind became possible thanks to the unique technologies used by specialists of the municipal economy complex. Similarly, they repaired the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge earlier.


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