Recall Pushkin's fairy tales, learn English and improve mathematics: what else summer reading rooms to offer in the parks

June 4
Parks and pedestrian areas

On 1 June, summer reading rooms of Moscow libraries will open  in 11 parks, and in early July visitors will enjoy one more reading room in one more park. They will be open until the end of summer, on weekends 12:00 pm till 06:00 pm.

Book takeout counters and book-crossing shelves will be available in park pavilions, verandas, tents or rotundas, with open air reading spots equipped. Summer reading rooms are to open in the Bauman Garden, Tagansky, Izmailovsky, Northern Tushino, Kuzminki parks, Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve and other recreation areas.

"Summer reading rooms will offer park guests both recent books and the classics. You may also get a library card. In addition, reading rooms will host free lectures, workshops, performances, intellectual games and insightful quests throughout the season," said Natalya Sergunina, Moscow Deputy Mayor.

Learn English and measure your height in books

Vorontsovsky Park's summer reading room will hold literary readings every weekend. Library personnel will tell guests about the works of classics and modern writers and read some excerpts.

On 1 June, Children's Day, from 12:00 pm till 01:00 pm,  young guests and their parents will be introduced to the book by Alyona Shakura and Mikhail Tsurikov 'Scary Beetle? Good Beetle!'. And on 29 June, 04:00 pm till 05:00 pm, the reading room will become an 'Out-Talk Me' tournament venue of tongue twister fans. Everyone is free to try their hand in the tournament.

Reading room in the Krasnaya Presnya Park invites to learn the basics of public speaking and English. The first rhetoric lesson will start on 1 June at 12:00 pm, and the English lesson will start at 04:00 pm.

On the first summer day, the reading room in Izmailovsky Park will hold a 'Book Height Chart' campaign. Its participants will measure their height in books. Besides, you may visit 'Open Mic' programme: you are welcome to read poetry or sing a song.

Do arithmetic and make a journey through Pushkin's fairy-tales

Participate in the 'Cowboys and Indians: Wampum World' literary quest  to be held on 1 June in the Tagansky Park's reading room. Participants will perform tasks focused on logic, creative thinking and test their knowledge of world classics' works. Quest has two levels of difficulty: for children 6+ with their parents and for participants 12+. It starts at 12:00 pm.

The next day at the same time the reading room will hold a master class in arithmetic called 'Karamba! Numbers or life?' The presenters are to prove to those who do not like mathematics that the numbers are actually fascinating.

And on 2 June, young visitors to the reading room in Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve will play 'Journey Through Pushkin's Fairy-Tales' board game. It has been specially developed for the 220th anniversary of the great Russian writer's birth. Players are to recall the stories of Pushkin's fairy tales, their characters and proverbial expressions. The winners will be awarded prizes. The game will start at 12:00 pm.

О. Кипренский. Портрет А.С. Пушкина. 1827 год

On June 9, at noon, the Milovida Park pavilion will host 'Diamond Sky' theatrical production based on Anton Chekhov's stories. And children will be offered to take part in a master class called 'Play Theatre', where they will make origami characters of Ivan Krylov's fable 'The Crow and the Fox'. Moreover, children will see puppet shows 'The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish' and 'Masha and the Bear'.

The summer library will also hold an intellectual quiz 'Theatre's ABC', where participants are to explain the meaning of the words 'role', 'intermission', 'full house', 'makeup', 'footlights' and other theatre terms.

Summer reading rooms in Moscow parks open for the third year in a row. Last summer, they worked from 2 June  till 26 August, with almost 17,000 books lent out. Most visitors chose books by Leo Tolstoy, Mikhail Bulgakov, Erich Maria Remarque and Jerome Salinger to lend. As for the children's authors, books by Astrid Lindgren, Mark Twain and Hans Christian Andersen were the most popular ones. In almost three months, more than 1,400 workshops, quizzes, marathons, festivals and interactive programs have been held in the summer reading rooms.

In summer, in addition to reading rooms, the parks will offer workout grounds, courts, football fields, jogging and  cycling tracks, as well as sports equipment, scooters, segways and  bicycles for rent.

In addition, 37 Moscow parks will hold yoga sessions. 150 experienced certified coaches will teach you  wellness regimen. They will help anyone to choose a program both for  beginners and for more experienced yogi.


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