Rare Vladimir Vysotsky’s photos and landscapes of preserved Russian nature: parks with photo exhibitions

March 19
Parks and pedestrian areas

View northern nature of the White Sea and blooming mountain landscapes, attractions of Russian cities, and archive photos of Vladimir Vysotsky in Moscow’s green recreation areas. This spring, eight parks of the Moscow Department of Culture opened photo exhibitions.

See the most beautiful places of Russia

To mark the 200th anniversary of the Antarctica’s discovery by the expedition of Thaddeus Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev, Muzeon Arts Park has prepared a special exhibition. It displays photographs of drawings and lithographs of the expedition member, artist Pavel Mikhailov. They feature Arctic landscapes, portraits of aborigines, plants and animals of the polar region. There are also copies of geographical maps made by Thaddeus Bellingshausen. The exhibition runs until 20 April. Find photo stands on Krymskaya Embankment next to the dry fountain. 

Visit Hermitage Garden to view the exhibition Travel at Home. This Is True Russia. It includes the best works by photographers from ten Russian regions. You will see austere landscapes of the White Sea, blooming slopes of the Khvalynsky mountains, a dawn on Gunib Plateau and much more. Find the exhibition stands next to the Novaya Opera Theatre. The exhibition runs until 31 March.

View the parks photo history

Vorontsovsky Park’s exhibition presents archive photos of how the Park was changing over years. In particular, you will see photos of how the cascade of the Park ponds was being reconstructed, what the Life-Giving Trinity Church looked like before the restoration, and more. The exhibition Vorontsovo Estate: History and Architecture is open until 31 March in the central area of the Park.

On 15-30 April, it will host the exhibition Moscow and Moscow Region Estates presenting photos of paintings by contemporary artist Vladimir Lapovok. The artist’s favourite topic is estate landscapes. The pictures show beautiful views of Ostankino, Kuskovo, Kuzminki, Tsaritsyno, Vorontsovo and other estates. Find a detailed information about this springs exhibitions in Vorontsovsky Park on the website

Another free exhibition opened on the central square of Kuzminki Park to run until 30 April. The exhibition Recreation in Kuzminki highlights photos of the Park dating back to the early 20th century until present. Attend the exhibition Birds of Our Parks in Severnoye Tushino Park. Each photo of a bird has a brief description of its habitat, habits and diet. Admire the birds until 30 April. The exhibition opened next to the Navy Museum.

Portraits of female warriors and rare stamps

Learn about the exploits of Jeanne d’Arc, Princess Olga, Countess of Dunbar — Black Agnes — at the exhibition Female Warriors in Babushkinsky Park. It will be running until 30 April, 09:00 am till 10:00 pm. Find the exhibition stands at the central entrance to the Park from Menzhinskaya Street.

Vladimir Vysotsky’s fans will enjoy a photo exhibition in Tagansky Park. The display Glory to Taganka! Laugh! Cry! Scream! tells about life and artistic career of the poet during his work in Taganka Theatre. You will see posters of performances, personal notes and unique photos of Vysotsky. The photo exhibition will continue running on Fontannaya Square of the Park until 31 March.

Bauman Garden invites to view pictures of Russian sights and postage stamps with scenic Russian locations. Each photo stand is designed as an envelope. The exhibition World Heritage of Russia on State Postage Stamps and in the Photos of the Russian Geographical Society will be running on the central alley of the Park until 31 March.

This spring, Muscovites can also join free master classes offered by parks, and take part in sports competitions and training sessions. 

Source: mos.ru

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