Rare photos from Moscow Planetarium's archive to be displayed in Zaryadye Park

October 17, 2019

On 2 November, Zaryadye Park opens a free photo exhibition of the Moscow Planetarium. On 5 November, the oldest Planetarium in Russia and one of the largest ones in the world turns 90. Rare pictures united by the 'Tape of Time' project will be displayed in the Dome Pavilion. These are photos from the Planetarium's archive covering the period from 1929 to the present day. The photos will be arranged in chronological order to represent a kind of tape of time, about 20 m long and 2 m wide. Most of the historical photographs will be shown for the first time. Besides, visitors will see unique images of planets, nebulae and star clusters captured in different parts of the world. The exhibition runs until 20 November.

 'Everyone who takes an interest in astronomy, seeks to broaden their knowledge about space, know the history of the Moscow Planetarium and learn little-known facts about it, should visit 'Tape of Time' exhibition in Zaryadye Park. Admission is free,' told the Press Service of the Moscow Planetarium.

The exhibition's highlight is the unique space images of planets, nebulae and star clusters, rare pictures of colourful scattering of stars in the Altar constellation, globular star clusters in the constellations of Aquarius, Pegasus and Tucana. Most of the pictures were taken during expeditions to Namibia and the North Caucasus. Photos of constellations captured in the Moscow region may be of great interest, too. One of them shows clusters of stars in the Hercules constellation, one of the brightest ones in the Northern hemisphere.

Also, guests will see different stages of the Planetariu's construction, a constructivism era landmark. The photos also show the authors of the unique design, architects Mikhail Barshch and Mikhail Sinyavsky. They were proud of the giant dome 25 m in diameter. Today, there is a state-of-the-art starry sky projector installed under it. This unique equipment helps visitors to see distant planets, stars and constellations, and watch popular science films.

The exhibition includes photos of astronauts, designers, scientists who visited the Planetarium at different times. Yuri Gagarin came here to study the starry sky before the Observatory opened at the Cosmonaut Training Centre.

Part of the pictures show how the unique Moscow Planetarium's museum display developed and changed. You will see pictures of the world's first outdoor site equipped with astronomical tools. It opened in 1947. Now it is called Sky Park.

The Planetarium's Press Service added that everyone is welcome to attend a free astrophotography master class by astrophotographer Andrei Kuznetsov to take place in the Dome Pavilion on the first day of the exhibition, 2 November at 02:00 pm. Andrei will tell how to take beautiful pictures of the starry sky, lunar and solar disks using an ordinary camera, and also explain how to choose the right solar and lunar filters for observations.

On the occasion of the anniversary, the Moscow Planetarium has prepared a series of scientific and insightful lectures about space and astronomy. Famous cosmonauts, astrophysicists and astronomers will tell about aurora borealis, answer the question of possible life on other planets and how much the lunar soil weighs. The meetings will take place at two venues — in Zaryadye Park and at the Moscow Planetarium.


Source: mos.ru

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