Protection is the key: Muscovites required to wear face masks in public

May 13

Starting 12 May, the use of face masks and gloves is required in public spaces in Moscow. Personal protection equipment (face masks, respirators and gloves) is required for visiting shops and malls, using public transit, taxis and elsewhere in public. This measure has been recommended by sanitary doctors in addition to the restrictions imposed to stop the spread of the coronavirus, which have been in place for six weeks.

People should still maintain a social distance of 1.5 metres in public.

The same rules apply to workplaces at facilities that will resume operations on 12 May. Workers are not only required to wear masks and gloves in all communal areas but also to observe social distancing. Employees with symptoms of respiratory infection must stay home. They will have to provide a sick leave certificate or a release form from a doctor to return to work.

All Moscow residents must remain in self-isolation until the end of the month, especially people over 65 and people with chronic health conditions. Only industrial facilities and construction companies may resume operations on 12 May. The first work areas to restart include construction projects for roads, schools, kindergartens and other essential facilities.

Entertainment venues, beauty salons, fitness centres, cafes and restaurants will remain closed. Public events such as sports competitions are also prohibited.

You can learn more about preventing and treating the coronavirus by calling the hotline at +7 495 870 4509 (8 am to 9 pm daily) and on the COVID-19 page at  


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