Private clinics and press kiosks: New measures for supporting entrepreneurs

May 27
Economy and entrepreneurship

It has been decided to implement yet another range of measures for supporting the capital’s entrepreneurs. The support measures deal with private medical clinics and press kiosks, Sergei Sobyanin wrote in his blog.

“Private medical clinics facing a major shortage of patients are listed among the sectors that have suffered the most during the pandemic. In this situation, many people are delaying their regular medical appointments. To support private medicine, we have decided to extend the deadline of first-quarter 2020 advance payments on property tax and land tax until 31 December 2020,” Mr Sobyanin said.

Moreover, private clinics that are leasing land and non-residential buildings, owned by the city, will be exempt from lease payments. The restrictive measures for the pandemic have impacted the work of press kiosks which are selling fewer newspapers and magazines. Thus, print publication retailers will be exempt from rent payments for their kiosks for three months (from 1 April through 30 June).

The city will also focus on companies involved in innovation projects. “Many small innovation firms have to convince potential clients that they manufacture new items that are also useful. This is their main problem. The Moscow Government is launching a pilot programme to help them accomplish this. Several dozen local universities, departmental agencies, commercial companies and other facilities will provide their infrastructure for the pilot testing of innovative goods in real or simulated conditions,” Mr Sobyanin added.

Those interested in the pilot programme can submit applications to the website. The city has already approved three packages of measures to support local entrepreneurs worth 85 billion rubles.

Small businesspeople in the retail, restaurant and hotel businesses, the tourist industry, the service sector and involved in organising cultural, sport, exhibition and entertainment events are eligible for tax breaks and layaway plans for lease and other mandatory payments.

“As of mid-May, 34,800 organisations employing over 750,000 people have already used various forms of support. Under an unprecedented preferential refinancing programme, that compensates 6 percent interest rates, and a soft loan programme compensating 8 percent interest rates, small and medium-sized businesses borrowed their first loans worth a combined total of 2.4 billion roubles. The city is processing applications from 18,000 small and medium-sized businesses for 180 billion roubles. Each day, the number of new soft loans will increase in geometrically,” Mr Sobyanin added.

Despite the difficult situation, most small business owners are displaying social responsibility and are trying to retain as many jobs as possible. Many continue to implement investment projects. Most of the capital’s industrial companies have resumed work since 12 May.

“Today, we are marking Russia’s Entrepreneurship Day. Of course, entrepreneurs are in no mood to celebrate today. Nevertheless, we must congratulate them and say a big thanks to Moscow’s business community. Thousands of business managers have shown great energy, inventiveness and an enterprising spirit in order to provide this large city with its essential needs during the pandemic,” Mr Sobyanin noted.

Many online programmes are available to support Moscow businesses. For more information on assistance for entrepreneurs, go to the Support Centre for the Moscow Economy website that provides updates on the current economic situation.

A separate project has been set up for small and medium-sized businesses that have been hardest hit by coronavirus related restrictive measures. The Coronavirus: Important Tips for Businesses project offers useful information for entrepreneurs.

Coronavirus: official information


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