Priority businesses support policies approved in Moscow

March 27
Economy and entrepreneurship

Moscow administration has approved the first set of anti-crisis steps to support businesses affected by the downturn and restrictions caused by the spread of coronavirus. The resolution was adopted at a meeting of the Moscow Government Presidium held by Sergei Sobyanin.

The deadline for advance payments for corporate property tax and land tax in Q1 2020 is extended through 31 December 2020 for public catering, tourism, culture, sports, entertainment and hospitality businesses.

The sales tax deadline will also be extended until 31 December 2020. These rules will take effect from the date of entry into force of the Federal Law authorizing executive authorities of Russian constituent entities to make decisions on extending due dates for regional and local taxes and fees.

Organisations renting land plots and non-residential properties from the Moscow administration, which have suspended their activities during the high alert introduced in the city are to be exempt from rent payments (for the period of temporary suspension). This applies to organisations engaged in cultural, fitness and sports, exhibition, entertainment, insightful and educational activities.

Hospitality, catering and travel businesses renting land and non-residential properties from the Moscow administration will be granted a deferred rent payment for April, May and June. It will be valid until 31 December 2020. Deferred payment will also be allowed to Moscow enterprises and institutions that lease out land plots and non-residential buildings.

It was also decided to reduce the fee for contracts for trade activities by 50% for shopping facilities located in metro passages and lobbies. This is valid for SMEs during the high alert in the city.

The last three support measures will be provided upon requests from organisations and self-employed entrepreneurs.


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