Presentation of farm products from more than 40 regions at the capital's interregional fairs

November 25
Economy and entrepreneurship

Muscovites always have the opportunity to purchase high-quality domestic products by visiting the capital's interregional fairs. Today, these are not just food outlets, but new centers of attraction for residents. Buying food here is combined with a walk, tasting or chatting over a cup of coffee.

Five years ago, in 2016, there were two year-round fairs in Moscow, and now there are 53 of them. In total, they are designed for 1,166 trade places. By the end of the year, it is planned to open three more sites, Natalia Sergunina, Deputy Moscow Mayor, said.

"By developing such a format in addition to the existing ones, we are expanding the choice of the best goods within walking distance for citizens. At year-round fairs, residents can buy products from domestic producers from more than 40 regions — Crimea, Kuban, Stavropol Territory, Murmansk, Lipetsk, Astrakhan regions and many others," Natalia Sergunina noted.

Interregional fairs are open all year round. There is a wide choice of fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meat products, fish, honey, flour and confectionery products. More than 15 thousand kilograms of various goods are sold daily.

Fair pavilions are made in 10 themes, including Crimea, France, Japan, Empire, Medieval Castle, Merchant style.

French Style on the Arbat and in the Basmanny District

Fairs are opened taking into account the wishes of Muscovites in those places where it is necessary to supplement the assortment with farm products. The design of each pavilion is chosen by residents on the Active Citizen portal. For example, residents of the Arbat and Basmanny districts make purchases in the Little France fair pavilion.

"We wanted not just to build theme shopping facilities, but to convey the atmosphere of a certain country or city. The period of the industrial revolution of the late XIX — early XX century inspired the architects here. Then the Art Nouveau (modern) style was in vogue, in which iron forged structures were used. French railway stations with their arches, columns, towers, as well as cast-iron pavilions of the Paris metro can serve as an example here," the press service of the Moscow Fairs project told.

Soviet Empire in Severnoye Butovo, Mitino and Kuzminki

Fair pavilions in the Soviet Empire style are located in the districts of Severnoye Butovo, Mitino and Kuzminki. When developing the design, the architects took as a basis the famous Moscow skyscrapers, including the main building of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, and other metropolitan structures built in this style.

The monumentality of historical samples has been reflected in the fair sites. It can be seen in clear proportions and the use of elements such as columns and plaster bas-reliefs.

Japanese pagodas in Kurkino

Residents of the north-west of the capital go shopping to Japanese pavilions. Calling on the fair in Kurkino for vegetables and fruits, you can at the same time admire the pagodas, take pictures at the samurai statues, stroll through the rock garden. There are beautiful Japanese-style gardens with perennial plants on the territory. Among them are hawthorn, quince, irises, hosts, ferns, as well as dwarf pines and hydrangeas. The traditional rock garden for the Land of the Rising Sun consists of jasper and a green marble. A playground, a rollerdrome, a stage and a street brazier are equipped nearby.

Merchant's terem in Brateevo

You can admire the wooden merchant's terem in Brateevo. There is a wide choice of vegetables, fruits, seafood, honey, pastries, groceries, dried fruits, and cheeses.

According to the farmers themselves, the fairs opened a direct path for them to the buyer. Cheesemaker Oleg Sirota sells 95 percent of his cheese in Moscow and the Moscow region, including at the fair in Brateevo.

"Thanks to the fairs, we have good financial performance. Sales in residential areas were surprisingly higher than in the center of the capital," he said.

Next to the tower there is a roller rink, which in winter turns into a skating rink with artificial ice. There is a carousel for children.

Comfortable conditions and free equipment: advantages for farmers

Work on the organization of interregional fairs in Moscow has been carried out since 2016. SBI Moscow Fairs performs this activity.

The pavilions of the year-round interregional fairs are equipped with modern commercial equipment, ventilation and heating systems. This provides comfortable conditions for both farmers and visitors, and also allows the fair to be held at any time of the year. Sales places are provided to sellers free of charge.

Before the pandemic, tastings, culinary and creative workshops, and holidays were held at each site. Now all entertainment activities are suspended. When visiting the pavilions, it is necessary to wear masks and keep a social distance. Compliance with the rules and conditions of trade is regularly monitored at all fairs.

The nearest to the house or just a beautiful year-round fair can be found in a special section on the portal


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