Pomeranians, Labradors, Chihuahuas: other dog breeds popular among Muscovites

January 11
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Moscow veterinarians, working in city clinics, spoke about which breeds of dogs are most popular with residents of the megalopolis and what are the main features of dog grooming. According to experts of the Moscow Veterinary Committee, most often Muscovites choose dogs of small and medium breeds.

The leaders among popular pets are Yorkshire Terriers, Pomeranian Spitz and Chihuahua. Special attention should be paid to hair of Pomeranians and Yorkshire terriers: it is soft, thick and long, prone to rolling and formation of mats. One should comb the dog at least twice a week, and have it clipped as needed. Seasonal trimmings are mandatory in the summer heat, so that the ability of animal’s body to thermoregulate does not become disrupted. In addition, it is worth cutting the bangs or pinning the hair that has overgrown on the head and muzzle — it interferes with vision. You can trim the dog at home yourself or entrust this work to a groomer —  a specialist in pet grooming.

Combs, brushes, and slicker brushes are recommended for combing. Made of plastic, rubber, wood or metal, they can be more or less rigid. The right tool is selected depending on the length and structure of pet's hair. 

Chihuahuas have no special needs for grooming, but they should be regularly taken to the veterinary dentist — it turns out, they suffer from dental calculus and gum inflammation more often than others. At home, you can take preventive measures — clean dog's teeth, give it special sticks and bones to gnaw, which help prevent appearance of dental calculus.

Among dogs of medium breeds, Labradors, Basenji and Beagles are most popular. Bred as companions and helpers on the hunt, they are friendly and mobile.

Labradors need careful diet selection — these dogs overeat and are prone to overweight. It is better to choose a professional ready-made food or have an advice of a veterinarian when planning a menu of natural products. It is necessary to take into account the age, activity and gained weight of the pet. You will need to give food in small fixed portions several times a day without additional treats and snacks.

Among large breeds, Muscovites prefer German Shepherds and Huskies — they are smart, strong and active dogs. Experts note that their owners should devote a lot of time to educating and training, physical activity and active long walks. Weight of an adult German Shepherds can reach 45 kg, and length from the nose-tip to tail-tip — 1.4 m; weight of Husky is 30 kg, and height is up to 60 centimeters at withers. Physical activity is vital for health of these dogs. It is recommended to spend outdoor with them at least 2-2.5 hours a day. The time can be divided into two or three walks. Dog handlers can help with training and education, as well as choose exercises for training and games.

Also, do not forget that all dogs older than three months must be registered in state veterinary institutions. Besides, animals must be vaccinated against rabies and leptospirosis.

There are 26 state veterinary clinics operating in the capital. An appointment can be arranged online (at mos.ru or in the Public Services of Moscow mobile application) or by calling: +7 (495) 612-04-25. Moscow veterinarians conduct about 100 thousand consultations for dog owners annually.

Source: mos.ru

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