Pobedy Square to be landscaped in Shipilovskaya Street

October 3, 2019
Construction and renovation

Comprehensive landscaping and improvement work launched in the southern Moscow, in Pobedy Square covering the area of about 2 ha. The square will be laid out on a vacant lot located at the intersection of Musy Dhalilya and Shipilovskaya streets. At the request of local residents, a green area will appear soon on the waste grounds.

There is a construction camp already set up in the territory of the would-be square. A fence and special posters containing information on the works underway have been arranged along its perimeter, with wooden boards mounted to protect the tree trunks.

'Special wooden decking and bypass routes have been arranged for residents to get to Shipilovskaya metro station.  Now the works on removing the existing pavement and curb stones in the building 43's courtyard are underway. Specialists make trenches for laying new engineering networks and lay paths on the grounds of the would-be square,' the Press Service of the Moscow Department of Capital Improvements and Repairs reported.

The square will have a round site at the intersection of the two central paths.  There will be a stele dedicated to the Great Patriotic War set up in its centre. The ground will have tile flooring and benches installed, with trees and shrubs planted around.

There will also be a walking gallery with exhibition stands along it. It will start and end in the green theatre area with the audience space for 70 seats.

'Moving from the amphitheatre in the open and going down the steps, you will get to the area with the sports and one of the children's playgrounds. Sports infrastructure will offer street ball and workout grounds, ping-pong and teqball tables. A variety of equipment for children aged 5 to 12 meeting the modern standards and safety requirements will be installed on the children's playground,' the Press Service of the Department added.

The other children's playground will look like a sand factory. Here children will enjoy shipping and transporting sand in special buckets. Next to the sandbox, you will find a canopied recreation gazebo installed on the wooden flooring.

The Park's infrastructure will be adjusted for disabled people. Height alteration spots will be provided with stairs and retaining walls. Besides, the new square will have flower beds and lawns laid out, and trees and shrubs planted.

The grounds in front of the entrance to Shipilovskaya metro station are to be landscaped, too. Trees and shrubs will be planted from Shipilovskaya Street's side, next to the upgraded bus shelters.  The grounds of the courtyard located nearby will be improved, too, with the roadway and sidewalks pavement replaced, flower beds and lawns laid out, and trees and shrubs planted.

All the work is expected to complete in the first half of 2020.

Source: mos.ru

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