Pneumatic mail and the good Baba Yaga: Grandfather Frost Moscow residence

December 31, 2021
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In the south-east of the capital, the Grandfather Frost Moscow residence works in the Kuzminki-Lyublino Museum-Reserve. Guests from all over the country come here to make a wish, receive gifts and see how the fairy-tale wizard lives.

This year, in the residence, the terems interiors were renewed completely, house facade was painted and new Christmas tree and installations were erected. How Grandfather Frost feels in the renewed residence, what the wizard's assistants teach the children and how to write a letter to the Grandfather — in the material.

Traveling with Snowman

The Grandfather Frost Moscow residence welcomes guests with cheerful music and an elegant 12-meter Christmas tree on the main square. There are wooden terems around, every detail of which you want to examine slowly. This year, the buildings were painted by street artists who literally repeated the frosty patterns on the windows. Children's laughter and the voices of fairy-tale characters can be heard everywhere.

The residence main tour begins near the terem of creativity. Here guests are met by a Snowman, who lost his cherished desire and asks to help him. The children respond to the request and start on a tour.

First, the participants see how the Grandfather Frost's assistants sort the letters. Here, children are shown a pneumatic mail. Immediately after launching the mailing tube via transparent pipe, the Grandfather Frost’s voice is heard: "The letter is accepted!" According to the wizard's assistants, this makes a great impression on children (however, as well as on some adults).

The next points of the route are the Grandfather Frost pantry, where his and his granddaughter costumes are hung, and a greenhouse. The latter is decorated with illuminated sculptures of trees and living plants, and the walls in the room are decorated with real moss.

On the ground floor of the Snow Maiden's terem there is her small room. There, the granddaughter of Grandfather Frost shows children toys and embroiders New Year patterns with them. "It is joyful when children who are interested in everything come, when they ask a lot of questions," says the Snow Maiden.

On the first floor, Baba Yaga plays the master of the Snow Maiden's terem. But in the Grandfather Frost residence, she is good and a library where various fairy tales are collected is under her care. Decorated shelves and a Christmas tree made of books attract attention of guests. But it only until they look up and see the projection of the starry sky — the magical portal of Baba Yaga.

"I have a magical portal in the starry sky, but I don't show it to anyone. This is only for broomstick and me the road to distant stars, to count, to fly" Baba Yaga says. “Here we are talking with the children about their purpose, watching a cartoon with deep meaning. Some guys remember my past hanky-panky. They can also pull my nose, ask if he is real. I explain that I support my nose for these rubber bands, otherwise it is very heavy and may fall off."

Energetic actors do not go out of character, even when there are no children around. According to the residence press service, casting was held for all positions of animators. "Candidates must be charming, without this it is impossible to get the attention of children. Mischief is also important to communicate with children in the same language. And of course, professionalism. There are different stories, a person should not get lost and improvise in case of unforeseen situations," the press service says.

Letters to Grandfather Frost

The next terem is the most cherished for guests, it belongs to Grandfather Frost. First, children see the "operational headquarters of preparation for the New Year" of the winter wizard. The fabulous control room is equipped like in a fantastic movie. There are clocks on the wall that show the time in different cities, and screens with statistics, there are many glowing buttons and levers on the dashboard. But the main thing is behind the door that leads to the Grandfather Frost’s office. Grandfather in a blue fur coat, with a silver beard, is sitting at a desk, around him is a shelf with envelopes, a fireplace and a magic book. Here, children find the desire of the Snowman, and the tour ends.

According to Grandfather Frost, children react differently to the meeting, they may cry from overwhelming emotions. And some people want to check whether he is real or not, so they furtively pull his beard.

"Children are a reflection of their parents, only small one. They are interested in life as much as adults. Kids grow up very quickly, we often don't notice it. They are very smart, quick-witted" Grandfather Frost says.“ As a gift, children ask for gadgets, phones, tablets, toys. And I wish you, my dear ones, that everything in your life to be fine and well, that you to be healthy and, most importantly, happy. If a person is happy, then everything in life is good."

You can tell Grandfather Frost about your cherished wish from anywhere in the world by letter. On average, about 50 thousand letters arrive at the residence per year, and none remains unanswered, the main thing is to specify the correct return address and index. By the way, they also accept emails, you can write to Grandfather Frost on the residence's website.

"There are many touching stories. One boy asked for a brother, another child from the Chelyabinsk region — a new airport for his mother (the one where she worked was very old). Almost everyone shares their emotional experiences with Grandfather Frost. Grandfather tries to support everyone with a kind word and says: "Don't give up, everything is fine," was said in the press service of the residence.

Photo by Yulia Ivanko,

A fairy tale all year round

The program of the Grandfather Frost Moscow residence is not limited to one excursion. A new interactive platform was made for the children — the Nutcracker Toy Kingdom, where for the first time in a long time again hordes of rats led by the insidious Rat King are trying to invade the space. Only young guests can stop them, who will have to pass dangerous tests and find a nut-krakatuk! It was with his help that the Nutcracker had already managed to save the kingdom once.

Participants will visit Uncle Drosselmeyer's pocket workshop, where, thanks to a wizard's spell, children are reduced to the size of toys. After that, the teams go to the miracle toy production machine, which will create the assistance for the children, with whom they will then defend the kingdom together. They will also have to go to the Chocolate Sea together, and then to the closet of miracles, where they will have to find a nut-krakatuk. The final stage will be the siege of the Marzipan Castle.

The Toy Kingdom of the Nutcracker offers fascinating interactive spaces designed specifically for the Grandfather Frost Moscow residence.

When visiting the residence, you can also walk along the fairy-tale trail and see more than 40 sculptures based on the fairy tales such as Alice in Wonderland, Twelve Months, The Wizard of Oz, Cinderella and The Nutcracker.

In addition, there are kiddie rides and a skating rink in the residence, they work on weekends and during all New Year holidays. Even this year, new buildings appeared: a souvenir shop, a food court and a tea party hall.

Now it's high season in the Grandfather Frost Moscow residence, so in the conditions of a pandemic, everyone must strictly observe sanitary rules. Adults are allowed only with QR code and wearing masks, and groups of children do not intersect in the terems.

In addition to excursions, Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden hold personal meetings. Children can tell poems, share dreams, get a gift and take a picture for memory. And last year a new format appeared — a video call from Grandfather Frost. Now you can talk face - to - face with the winter wizard without leaving home.

This year, the Grandfather Frost Moscow residence is switching to a new schedule of operation, it will be open all year round. Now they are making up a program and thinking over events so that you can get into the fairy tale any day.


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