Plasma with antibodies to coronavirus was donated by 20 thousand donors for a year

April 9

20 thousand Muscovites became donors of blood plasma with antibodies to coronavirus for a year, thanks to which the city prepared more than 13 tons of plasma. Donor plasma transfusion as one of the methods of COVID-19 treatment have been using since April last year by Moscow hospitals.

"Moscow became the first Russian city where the use of plasma with antibodies to coronavirus was included in the clinical guidelines as part of the COVID-19 complex therapy during the pandemic. In the beginning, 200-300 people a month became donors, and now their number reaches three to four thousand monthly. For this year, the capital prepared more than 13 tons of plasma, 20 thousand people became donors, and three thousand of them donated plasma twice or more, an absolute record is 15 plasma donations from one donor. Immune plasma was administered to more than 11.5 thousand patients who are being treated with COVID-19 in Moscow hospitals," was said in the press service of the Moscow Social Development Complex.

The plasma treatment method was based on foreign experience and was first used experimentally. Its successful was proved in practice: with injection of donor plasma from people who have had a coronavirus infection, the survival rate of patients with a severe course of the disease increased by 19 percent, and the artificial lung use for them was halved.

A person between the ages of 18 and 55 who has had a coronavirus infection and does not have chronic diseases can become a plasma donor. He must also have negative tests for HIV, hepatitis B and C.

To clarify the information and ask questions, please call the hotline number: +7 (495) 870-45-16 (daily from 09:00 to 19:00).

In Moscow, there are eight points for plasma donation after COVID-19:

- O. K. Gavrilov Blood Center (Bakinskaya Street, 31);

- O. K. Gavrilov Blood Center (Polikarpov Street, 14, building 2);

- N. V. Sklifosovsky first aid RDC (Bolshaya Sukharevskaya Square, 3, building 12);

- City Clinical Hospital No. 52 (Pekhotnaya Street, 3, building 1);

- M. P.  Konchalovsky City Clinical Hospital (Zelenograd, Kashtanovaya Alley, 2, building 5);

- A. K. Eramishantsev City Clinical Hospital (Lenskaya Street, 15);

- L. A.  Vorokhobov City Clinical Hospital No. 67 (Salam Adil Street, 2/44);

- N. I. Pirogov City Clinical Hospital No. 1 (Leninsky Prospekt, 10, building 1).


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