Plasma donation now is accepted in Moscow after revaccination with Sputnik Light vaccine

September 14

Blood transfusion departments began to receive plasma from donors revaccinated with Sputnik Light vaccine. Their plasma will also be used to treat patients with COVID-19 in hospitals, said Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Moscow Mayor for Social Development.

“We began to use plasma with antibodies to coronavirus obtained from donors after revaccination with Sputnik Light. Previously, it was obtained only from donors after illness or vaccination with Sputnik V. It is possible to donate immune plasma within six months after vaccination - in this case, you can count on the required level of neutralizing antibodies. After revaccination with Sputnik Light, which is recommended six months after the initial one, the level of these antibodies rises again, so the plasma of such donors is considered no less effective. Notably, after revaccination with Sputnik V, the plasma can be donated 30 days after receiving the second component of the vaccine,” the deputy mayor explained.

As shown by a study conducted in Moscow, the transfusion of plasma to patients with COVID-19 from donors with antibodies to coronavirus allows one and a half times faster to block the spread of the virus in the body. And plasma from vaccinated donors is 70 percent more likely to have a high titer of virus-neutralizing antibodies than plasma from those who exposed to COVID-19.

Plasma transfusion with antibodies to coronavirus in patients with moderate severity of the disease proved its effectiveness and was included in clinical guidelines as one of the elements of complex therapy. With the timely administration of a plasma transfusion, the likelihood of the patient's condition deterioration and his transfer to artificial lung ventilation is reduced by almost two times, and the probability of avoiding death increases by 19 percent.

For donating plasma with antibodies to coronavirus, donors are entitled to payments of five thousand rubles, as well as compensation for food - 1,235 rubles. If plasma is donated free of charge, the donation can be included in the amount required to obtain the status of "Honorary Donor of Moscow" or "Honorary Donor of Russia".

To donations are invited the citizens of Russia (or legally residing in Russia for at least one year) aged 18 to 55 years without chronic diseases and with negative tests for HIV, hepatitis B and C.

For those wishing to become plasma donors after vaccination with Sputnik V, re-vaccination with Sputnik Light or previous coronavirus infection, a special hotline is open every day from 09:00 to 19:00: +7 (495) 870-45-16.

Re-vaccination is recommended for everyone six months after receiving the first component of the vaccine. You can get a revaccination with a single-component vaccine "Sputnik Light" or a two-component "Sputnik V" vaccine free of charge in all vaccination centers in Moscow.


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