‘Pioneers of Soviet Modernism’: A new exhibition to open at the Shchusev Museum of Architecture

May 22

A new exhibition called ‘Pioneers of Soviet Modernism’ will open at the Shchusev State Museum of Architecture to show most outstanding designs made by Soviet architects in the 1950s-1960s.

For example, the ensemble of Artek Camp and the Palace of Pioneers on Vorobyovy Gory were built in Soviet modernism style. The architectural model of the Palace of Pioneers was specifically designed for the exhibition. It features both the existing building and the buildings that were not constructed. The exhibition also includes graphics and layouts of the Palace of Pioneers’ monumental and decorative design. Architects such as Viktor Yegerev, Vladimir Kubasov, Felix Novikov, Boris Palui and Mikhail Khazhakyan worked on this project.

Besides, the visitors will view pavilion designs of international exhibitions in Montreal, Moscow and Brussels. The exhibition in Brussel was the first USSR’s appearance on the international stage after World War II (1958). The pavilion designed by Yuri Abramov, Alexander Boretsky, Victor Dubov and Anatoly Polyansky impressed the participants with its innovation and technology. The Belgian press called it ‘Pavilion No.1’.

In addition, the exhibition will display the project ‘Novye Cheryomushki’ as the first brand new Moscow residential district. Back then, the prefab houses were of great help to people moving from barracks and flimsy communal flats to their own separate apartments.

The exhibition will run until 15 September.

Source: mos.ru

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