Photos of pharmacies from the 1970s were presented in the virtual museum “Moscow caring for history”

August 28

The Moscow Main Archive is presenting an album reporting about 1973-1974 with photos of pharmacies and description of pharmacists’ work. One can find out how pharmacists worked in those years in the virtual museum “Moscow caring for history” in the section “Pages of the Moscow healthcare history”

There were 352 pharmacies and 353 pharmacy branches in Moscow in 1973. The album photos show general views of pharmacies outside and inside,depicting the workplaces of employees, children's and information corners, lounges for pharmacists to have a rest.

The network of pharmacy warehouses supplied medicine to more than 700 organizations in the early 1970s: pharmacies, medical and preventive institutions, endocrine centers. There were machine counting stations, control and analytical laboratories and other services available there. Thanks to the photos, one can see how rack-by-rack cards were prepared, medicines were stored and moved.

The album also provides data on optics shops. Over 2.5 million pairs of glasses were made in 1973. A new service was then widely spread — making medical glasses based on samples (within reduced production times) in improved frames. The photos depict equipment for coating, trimming and calibrating eyeglass lenses, general view of sales halls.

45 pharmacy schools were established to improve medical servicing of people. Experience exchange classes were held there for pharmacists in 18 fields of expertise. 875 people took these pharmacy classes in 1973. 

And the Pharmacy Department held a competition among the best specialists of Moscow pharmacies in 1974. 12 people then reached the final stage of the competition. The specialists had to complete a number of tasks. For example, they were to find mistakes in incorrect recipes, as well as prepare creative performances on professional topics.


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