Photo gallery of first spring flowers: crocuses blooming at VDNKh

March 27
Parks and pedestrian areas

First flowers bloomed at VDNKh two weeks earlier than usual. You can find them in the photo compilation by the chief exhibition of Russia.

Flowers bloomed ahead of time due to unusually warm weather. On 7, 8 and 9 March, VDNKh's weather station registered the record-breaking temperature throughout the 140-year history of weather observations.

Crocuses — perennial low-growing (about 20 cm high) plants of the Iridaceae family — were the first to sprout. White, yellow and purple flowers have been blooming in the alleys and squares of Russia's chief exhibition since mid-March.

Provided warm weather, other spring flowers will bloom after the crocuses including daffodils, hyacinths, and giant alliums that grow up to 150 cm high.

This spring, VDNKh will boast more than 600,000 tulips, which have already shown their stems and leaves up above the ground. Landscaping experts believe that temperature fluctuations and spring snowfalls will not affect their proper growth and flowering. By the beginning of May, vast tulip fields with original colour designs are expected to bloom on VDNKh's grounds.

As we reported before, more than 52 million plants will bloom in Moscow this year. Spring flowers will start to be planted late in April, when warm weather sets in Moscow. By the May holidays, tulips will bloom out of more than 13 million bulbs planted last autumn.


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