Personalise your Troika card

August 31

Passengers can personalise their Troika cards by creating an account on the updated Moscow Metro mobile app that is already available for downloading on app stores. The app offers an improved feedback feature and new opportunities for metro passengers.

People no longer need to worry if they can’t find their travel cards thanks to the improved feature for binding an actual card to the online account. The account also includes other useful options such as a top-up reminder.

The updated Moscow Metro app is available for both iOS and Android. Apple users can also buy any type of ticket remotely via the app. All passengers can review the history of their trips and top-ups, monitor the status of their inquiries, check their bonus credit under the City loyalty programme and get special offers.

We are launching a major update of the Moscow Metro that includes multiple features that will make it much easier to get around the city. Most importantly, Troika will become personalised. Any metro passenger can bind their card to their online account. Before the official launch, we really do encourage you to give it a try. Simply fill out a very straightforward form on the website giving your name, phone number and the operating system of your mobile device. Every trial participant will get a test in a quest format,” announced Maxim Liksutov, Deputy Mayor and Head of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development.

The new version of the mobile app has a different design and interface that help to easily navigate the metro system and the city even if it is your first time in Moscow.

Users are invited to test the updated app before its official launch by applying through The first 1,000 registered participants will get personal Troika cards with any customised design from the online graphic wizard. The most proactive testers will get three months of unlimited metro rides.

The Moscow Metro app was first launched in 2017. App users are the first to learn about newly opened stations and scheduled maintenance. Urgent alerts come as push notifications. The app helps to plan a journey using any type of public transport available in the city. It will offer tips on how to get to a specific location and give an estimated travelling time. Every week, passengers build more than two million routes using the app. The app also contains information about current fares.


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