Personal support and answers to questions: how they help Muscovites in vaccination centers

July 24
Social sector

More than three thousand employees of the centers of public services and the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Moscow residents help physicians and Muscovites in the vaccination centers.

Before vaccination, you need to fill out documents, while waiting; you must wear a mask and gloves, as well as maintain a social distance. This is monitored by specialists of the centers of public services and the city Department of Labor and Social Protection of the population, including employees of social service centers, family and childhood support centers, district departments of the Moscow Longevity project and the SBI Moscow Social Centers. Employees answer questions, suggest how to find the right office.

Today, more than two thousand specialists of the My Documents offices accompany citizens in sites throughout the city (they can be recognized by their company uniform), and about a thousand of their colleagues from the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population - in the two largest points located in Gostiny Dvor and Luzhniki sport complex. In addition, 28 specialists of the Moscow Crisis Centers work here. They help the vaccination sites visitors and conduct express consultations.

Thanks to this, medical workers have time to communicate with patients; they do not need to do paperwork. This is especially important now, when the flow of vaccinated people has significantly increased. And Muscovites who have come for vaccination, in turn, receive almost personal support and answers to all questions.

There are currently 119 vaccination centers operating in Moscow on the basis of city polyclinics, which can be accessed by appointment. They work seven days a week from 08: 00 to 22: 00. On a first-come, first-served basis (without an appointment), they are vaccinated in the Healthy Moscow pavilions, which are open daily from 08: 00 to 22: 00, but in fact they accept up to the last visitor there. You can also get vaccinated without an appointment in shopping centers and other public places.

Today, foreign citizens are also being vaccinated in Moscow. The largest vaccination center in Luzhniki sport complex has started working for them. Foreigners can also get vaccinated at the migration center in Sakharovo and in 25 polyclinics. Here, you can learn more about this. In addition, re-vaccinating against COVID-19 is taking place in 21 sites of Moscow.

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