Patients with COVID-19 received more than five million packages of drugs

November 15

More than five million packages of medicines received patients free of charge who are treated for coronavirus infection at home. By the doctor’s decision patients can receive free antiviral and antipyretic drugs, antibiotics, anticoagulants and pulse oximeters.

“Patients with coronavirus infection, whose health condition allows them to undergo treatment at home, are under constant supervision of doctors of clinics and the telemedicine centre. They receive medicines against COVID-19 free of charge. The medicines were purchased in sufficient quantities: since the beginning of the pandemic, patients received more than five million packages of drugs for the coronavirus treatment. The physician takes the decision to administer them,” press service of the Moscow Healthcare Department said.

Today, Moscow healthcare service has a large stock of antiviral, antibacterial drugs, including antibiotics, as well as drugs for anticoagulant and antipyretic therapy.

Pulse oximeters are provided free of charge to patients with pneumonia at the discretion of the physician. Using these devices patients can measure their blood oxygen saturation — this is a key indicator for assessing the condition of COVID-19 patients.

In order to reduce the diagnosis delay, starting October 1, 2021, all those with symptoms of acute respiratory viral infections, who come to the physician, must get the express COVID-19 antigen test. A positive result is considered the confirmed case of the disease, the patient is immediately prescribed a treatment procedure and medications are provided. PCR testing is still performed in addition to express testing.


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