Passengers note MCDs' significance and suggest ideas to improve them

November 29, 2019
Social sector

The vast majority of the passengers surveyed at MCD and metro interchange stations by phone and text messages supported the project. About 4,500 passengers took part in the survey. 78% of respondents rated the project's importance 4.2–4.6 out of five.

'The average rating of the project's importance was 4.2 to 4.6 points out of 5. At the same time, 65% of respondents gave 4 or 5 points to how well the new surface metro worked during the first days after the launch,' the Press Service of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development said. 

54% of respondents highlighted free transfer to the metro and the Moscow Central Circle (MCC) and convenient headways (47%) as the key MCD advantages.  

60% of respondents suggested that MCD trains should have more cars. Also, passengers believe that the ticketing system and the train traffic information system should be improved. At the same time, 71% of respondents noted that the issues that had arisen during the project's launch must be temporary.

80% of respondents said 'Yes' to the question whether they would continue to use MCD.

Traffic on the first two MCD routes, MCD-1 Belorussko-Savelovsky (Odintsovo — Lobnya) and MCD-2 Kursko-Rizhsky (Nakhabino — Podolsk), launched on 21 November. In four days, more than 1.6 million people used them

MCD-1 is 52 km long, MCD-2 is 80 km long. The two MCDs together have 57 stations, with 19 of them offering transfer to the metro, Moscow Central Circle and the radial railway lines.  66 stations are expected to open, with the number of transfer stations to reach 27.

For the next two weeks, travel on the Moscow Central Diameter trains will be free of charge. It will give time to improve the ticketing system.


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