Panna football and teqball: The best outdoor sports grounds

July 23

Moscow's parks, stadiums and other city grounds are places to spend your time productively. Read this piece to learn which outdoor sports activities are getting popular and where it is best to practise sports.

Skateboarding and longboarding 

Skateboarding is said to have originated in California, where local surfers would skate on a wheeled board while waiting for their next big wave. Its popularity peaked in the mid-1990s, with skaters being a usual sight on the streets of global cities ever since. Longboarding is nearly the same as skateboarding, differing only in certain board parameters such as board length or wheel diameter.

In 2019, 20 skate parks and 12 pump tracks opened under the My District programme. Children's Cherkizovsky Park is one such place to hone your skills and learn new tricks at a 3,600-square-metre complex.

New grounds are available at the Lower Kamensky Pond in Zelenograd's 17th residential area, at  14 Remizova Street in Kotlovka and at 22 Starokachalovskaya Street in Severnoye Butovo.

Panna football 

A new type of street football, panna involves two players trying to roll the ball between each other's legs during sets of three minutes. There are no age or other restrictions, with the game welcoming even very young players. 

Panna football came to Russia in 2007 from the Netherlands, where it originated.

Two panna pitches opened in Babushkinsky Park in 2019. Other spots to check out include Vorontsovsky Park, Palmira Park, the area near the pond on Dzhamgarovskaya Street and on Khimkinsky Boulevard in Severnoye Tushino.


Teqball was invented by a Hungarian footballer and programmer in 2014. The game uses a curved table with a shock-resistant net in the middle and a regular football. The curvature means the ball will bounce from any part of the table. Two players hit the ball back and forth in an attempt to make the opponent unable to complete a return. Just like in a regular football game, players can touch the ball with any part of their body except with their arms.

Teqball is gaining in popularity. In Moscow, teqball tables can usually be seen in streets during mass events such as the 2018 World Cup and the 2019 Football World Festival in Krasnaya Presnya Park.

Special teqball tables are being set up at sports grounds around the city this year. You can try out the sport at the newly improved Pobeda garden square at the intersection of Musa Dzhalilya and Shipilovskaya streets. 

Street workout 

Street workout involves training sessions that use a person's own body weight. Basic exercises are performed on horizontal bars, crossbars and stops. Workout is for everyone regardless of their age or fitness level.

Workout areas with exercise equipment have been popping up in neighbourhoods and green spaces. In 2019, Moscow set up 92 workout areas under the My District programme. 


Baseball, which is wildly popular in the US and Cuba, is too exotic for most Russians.  Two teams of 9-10 players take turns on offence and defence, with the offensive team seeking to advance around the bases before coming home, while the defensive team tries to get three outs. The winner is the team that scores the most runs.

A professional baseball stadium with a new field, stands, locker room and showers opened in Brateyevskaya Poima Park in 2018. It hosts training sessions of the Spartak Baseball Club and games of the Russian Amateur Baseball League. You can watch baseball or even come onto the field after being selected for one of the league's teams here or at Konstruktor Stadium.


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