Pancake pizza and hot orchid root ice cream: Moscow Maslenitsa festival’s treats

February 27

Moscow Maslenitsa festival to launch on 21 February will offer more than 210 varieties of crêpes and pancakes, as reported by Minister of the Moscow Government, Head of the Department of Trade and Services Alexei Nemeryuk.

'Guests will enjoy classic blini with sour cream, butter, jam and condensed milk everyone loves since childhood, and some unusual treats, too, such as rye pancakes from an old Russian recipe, Guryev blini, Murmansk salmon blini, beetroot blini with herring, pumpkin-and-nut pancakes, multi-coloured crêpes, and diet — gluten-free and lactose-free — crêpes,' Alexei said.

More than 200 shopping and restaurant chalets will offer unusual hot foods, desserts and drinks, original home décor and souvenirs.

This year, 88 catering companies and 167 trade program representatives are to join the festival, out of over 300 applications received.

Photo: Yuliya Ivanko

Exotic foods and Russian traditions

Manezhnaya Square and Revolyutsii Square will offer crêpes from around the world.

'There will also be crêpes from different countries: Thailand, Venezuela, Morocco, Mexica, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Serbia, France, Japan and India, including crêpe soups, pies, loaves, desserts and unusual canned crêpes,' Alexei Nemeryuk added.

Besides, you will find diet treats on Manezhnaya Square, including gluten-free and lactose-free, rice-flour crêpes, rye-flour pancakes and Mordvinic pachat blini made of a mixture of wheat and pea or buckwheat flour.

Photo: Yuliya Ivanko

Come to Tverskaya Square to enjoy Guryev and pike caviar blini, green matcha tea and chocolate crêpes. In Shkolnaya Street, foodies will have Scandinavian crêpes with spicy herring, wild salmon and cream cheese, Dutch cheese and dill crêpes, Serbian crêpes with walnuts and chocolate sauce, Swedish crêpes with jam and whipped cream and Danish crêpes with butter, cinnamon and sugar.

Visit Slavy Square to try an unusual pancake pizza or enjoy blini with mushrooms, cheese and herbs, chopped beef and onions, apple and cinnamon, banana and chocolate.

Swedish raggmunk (a mix of a potato pancake and hash brown) with bacon and lingonberry jam can be found in Pererva Street

Photo: Yuliya Ivanko

Look for multicoloured crêpes in Matveyevskaya Street, including black crêpes with vanilla sour cream and chocolate chips, or green spinach ones. Turmeric will give yellow colour, with pink given by strawberry jam. Those who do not like desserts can treat themselves to potato pancakes with adzhika sauce and sour cream.

Dmitriya Donskogo Boulevard guests will also enjoy a multi-coloured treat, including spinach crêpes with coriander, dill, parsley and garlic filling, beetroot crêpes with herring, and chocolate crêpes with whipped cream and honey. Yunosti Square in Zelenograd will offer two-colour chocolate-and-vanilla crêpes.

Look for classic blini with caviar, salmon, honey and apple jam in Golyanovsky Pond Park. Gorodetskaya Street will offer blini with Murmansk salmon, cream cheese and maple syrup.

Those with a sweet tooth should definitely visit the venue in Profsoyuznaya Street with dessert treats, including crêpes with chocolate and marshmallows, caramel and condensed milk.

Doughnuts, blueberry milk and crêpe strips soup

Restaurant chalets will delight visitors with dozens of crêpe varieties and other unusual treats.

Manezhnaya Square will have blini loaves and Celestine crêpe strips soup — chicken or beef broth with thin crêpe strips and herbs, and hot milk and orchid root ice cream. You will also enjoy the famous French crêpes suzette (sweet crispy crêpes with orange sauce) and the Austrian kaiserschmarrn (thick pancakes with caramel, apple, cherries or almonds).

Drink red tea with thyme and mountain herbs or floral tea made in a real samovar, heated by birch wood, in Svyatoozyorskaya Street.

Photo: Yuliya Ivanko

Pererva Street will offer visitors frittatensuppe made of beef broth with herbs (soup with crêpes), Viennese ginger-and-nut waffles, waffles with sausages, Korean carrots, garlic sauce, herbs and cucumbers, and an apple, cherry and cinnamon strudel. Wash down the sweets with a spicy cherry drink.

A chalet in Shkolnaya Street will treat to kurnik, a pie made of blini and chicken meat. Tverskaya Square will offer an Old Russian Maslenitsa apple pie. In Gorodetskaya Street, you can have blueberry milk, a dessert made of milk with berries, sugar and cinnamon, popular in Finland.

Taste a hot orange rosemary drink on Yunosti Square in Zelenograd, a nice alternative to tea or coffee. Profsoyuznaya Street will offer pies with mozzarella, tomatoes, oregano and basil, and lemon-and-ginger, cranberry-and-juniper drinks.

Come to Dmitriya Donskogo Boulevard to try doughnuts from the recipe of 1974. Timiryazevskaya Street will make grilled vegetables and curry beef tortillas. Enjoy Czech trdelnik in Mitinskaya Street.

Honey cakes, canned crêpes and valenki

Also, shopping chalets will sell unusual foods for your festive meals, and souvenirs. You will find canned crêpes and desserts, including crêpes suzette, rum baba, and tinned muffins, in Profsoyuznaya Street.

You can buy traditional puffy bubliks and honey cakes in Timiryazevskaya Street. Find all kinds of gingerbread — from Tula to Bogorodsky — on Sirenevy Boulevard in Troitsk.

Buy natural honey at the fair in the 16th Neighbourhood of Zelenograd. Popular varieties include are buckwheat and white, robinia, chestnut, sweet clover and flower honey.

You will find creamed honey —lavender, rose, lemon, juniper, lime-and-ginger — in the Golyanovsky Pond Park. Also, you can buy lavender and pink syrups, and dried lavender flowers to decorate desserts.

Exotic jams made of flowers, herbs and fruits wait for buyers in Mitinskaya Street. Pererva street will treat to cedar sweets and nut brittle with blueberries, sea buckthorn, cranberries, pine cones or bird cherry.

Tea lovers should visit Gorodetskaya Street to find a variety of herb teas: Altaic, Kuban, Ussuri, Siberian, Vologda, and Karelian ones. Stock up on 'Caucasian Immunity Booster' (a drink made of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and citrus fruits), pine cone jam and organic chocolate on Orekhovy Boulevard.

There are also a wide range of handicrafts. Sirenevy Boulevard in Troitsk offers Russian handmade valenki (felt boots) with unique ornaments and embroidery. You will find birch bark baskets and boxes, and spinning wheels in Pererva Street and Dmitriya Donskogo Boulevard. You can buy beautiful miniature paintings and hand-made dolls on Yunosti Square in Zelenograd. Matveyevskaya Street will offer elegant porcelain tableware. Find scented candles in Golyanovsky Pond Park, and festive tablecloths in Profsoyuznaya and Timiryazevskaya streets.

It is the 4th Moscow Maslenitsa festival. Last year, it saw 4.9 million guests. They watched 350 performances, attended 1,500 master classes and bought more than 400,000 helpings of blini and pancakes.

Photo: Yuliya Ivanko

This year, the festival will be running at 29 venues from 21 February till 1 March. Visitors will watch performances, take part in cooking master classes, learn about old crafts and gastronomic traditions. Starting 25 February, culture centres and libraries will celebrate Maslenitsa, too. Moscow parks will join the celebration on 28 February.


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